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trailer/transport bag for TRIcon trike

trailer/transport bag for TRIcon trike  
It is pretty easy to use our ultra folding trike TRIcon or Ti-FLY when travelling by buses, trains or airplanes. Alhough you can wrap the trike into some papers and tapes, a good transport bag is very useful. A problem occure at the moment when you reach your destination and want to tour for several days and than travel back from another place.

That is why we have developed our trailer for TRIcon trike. You can fold the trike inside, travel with it and than remove the trike, assemble wheels and tow bar and use it as a cargo trailer for your luggages.

The trailer has 20" wheels, refelective stripes around it and is padded as well.

Trike Transport System (TTS)
- An AZUB trike + trailer combo really is a “Trike Transport System (TTS)”
- With this combo, one can take the trike anywhere, using planes, trains, and automobiles and really tour with it once at the destination!

Includes the trailer and the bag.
Bag also sold separately for 175 EUR / 210 USD
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- Bag dimensions are WxLxH 600x770x500 mm
- The size exceeds common check-in luggage size so claiming the bag as sport equipment is necessary
- Good fit for TRIcon & Ti-FLY 20
- Tight fit for TRIcon & Ti-FLY 26 - No space for standard carrier unless disassembled into pieces
- Weber coupling used for attaching the trailer to the trike
- Adapter used for the Syntax axle (needs to be ordered separately) (Bob)25.01.2017
If a Ti-FLY is fitted with an electric assist, will the trike still fit into the bag? If all wheels have to come off to fit in the bag, how difficult will it be to remove and to re-attach the back wheel with the electric assist?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hi Bob,

this bag is good and big enough for normal Tricon or Ti-Fly with wheels 20" or 26" without carrier. With the engine, there is no more room how to fold it together inside.

What kind of purpose you want to use it for anyway?
You can't check-in ebike with battery into the plane.
If you would need the bag for transport in a train or car, we can produce or upgrade this bag and make it possible to transport bike with engine.

Remove back wheel is easy, although you need to disconnect two cables and there is no quick-release of the wheel, but normal screw mechanism.

Let us know what you would like to use the bag for.

Thank you

Mira Šlegl (Moxy)09.05.2016
Will the bag protect the contents from getting wet during a rainstorm while using it as a trailer?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Tricon transport bag is produced from ripstop material, so there is some water protection. Kind regards Patrik Ištok, Azub Bike (Nick)05.07.2015
If I want to use the bag do I need to do "extream folding" or will "normal folding" make it small enough?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Nick, extreme folding in necessary for the TRIcon to fit into the bag. In other words, all three wheels, mudguards, and also the standard rear rack have to be disassembled. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Nick Barnacott)30.06.2015
Will an ICE sprint fit in the bag?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Nick,

I am not sure. Bag dimensions are WxLxH 600x770x500 mm. It is up to you to check or measure the dimensions of the folded ICE trike. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (John Ashcraft)25.02.2015

Will the 26 inch Tricon fit in the bag?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello John. Yes, the TRIcon 26 will fit in the bag. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Jerry Johnson)15.10.2014
Is there a bag available without the trailer? If not what size bag would be needed to fit the folded trike for airline travel?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Jerry, the bag can be purchased also without the trailer. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Andreas Zumach)09.09.2014
Hi Honza,
hope you are doing fine.
What are dimensions (L/H/W) and the weight of the bag/trailer?
Do the two wheels and the handle of the trailer fit into the bag together with the TriCon?

All the best

Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Andreas, exactly as you have said, the wheels and the hitch fit into the bag together with the trike. Bag dimensions : WxLxH 600x770x500 mm.
The weight of the trailer including the bag, wheels, hitch, and wheel covers is 10,8 kg. The bag has padded side walls and top cover (1/2" soft foam) + reinforced bottom (1/2" high density EVA foam).
Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Etienne Sauze)16.06.2014
Hello, I'd like to know if it's possible to put the transport bag for tricon on a T-Tris? And what the maximum lenght it can support? I'd like to have a journey of 14.000km at the back of the T-tris.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
the bag and/or trailer is meant for transporting the TRIcon in an airplane or bus or so. And the T-Tris would not fit into it. If you want to use it for traveling with it and having just luggages inside, it would work as well, but there are probably better trailers for that on the market. On the other hand, I am pretty sure it will survive such a distance or even longer trip and will do a good job.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla
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