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We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show this year. We have three major news for you this year. One is comming right from heaven!
New trike model launch at the SPEZI. Come learn to FLY!
Year 2016 has already been part of our lifes for a couple of months, and it is the time for AZUB to come with the new price list.
Price list 2016
We have amazing news for you. Also thanks to you, TRIcon 26 folding trike won the Recumbent Trike of 2015, contest organized by respected internet magazine (former
Trike of the year 2015 is AZUB TRIcon 26
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R.A.W. wheelsets

This abbreviation means Recumbent Aluminum Wheels and indicates the material out of which the wheels are made. And be sure that the spokes are also made of this material. These wheels were developed by REMERX  and AZUB Company specifically for recumbent bikes in order to reduce their weight, offer the necessary dimensions and their combinations as well as improve the overall characteristics of these wheels.

One of the big advantages of all-alluminium construction is the improved heat dissipation during braking. This is particularly crucial for 20" wheels, which use rim brakes for braking. Another aspect that has recently been gaining in importance is the easy recycling, because the wheels are almost entirely made of one type of material, which significantly reduces the cost and complexity throughout the recycling process.

Wheels are currently offered in one color version and can be used both for disc and rim brakes. Rims are decorated in black, nipples and hubs are red and spokes are black. Only one of them is red. The bikes have a total of 24 high-strength aluminum flat spokes, which among other things also improve the overall aerodynamics of wheels and also are made directly, which reduces their stress. Nipples feature a large bearing surface.

RAW are available in 20 & 26 inch sizes & can be combined giving owners of Raptobikes, FWD (Front Wheel Drive) or other recumbent models the chance to upgrade their rides to these premium wheels.

R.A.W. 20" front wheel


R.A.W. 20" rear wheel

R.A.W. 20   R.A.W. 20
weight: 656 g
weight: 778 g

R.A.W. 26" front wheel


R.A.W. 26" rear wheel

R.A.W. 26   R.A.W. 26
weight: 835 g
weight: 936 g


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