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As well as last year we offer the off-season 5% discount to all our bikes and trikes from October 1st till end of January 2016. It is a great opportunity to save quite some money just by placing your order couple of weeks/months ahead.
5% off-season discount
We have to say that taste of our customers has changed and we have overstock of some parts. We would like to offer you a chance to order bikes with specific component specification for a discounted price. Aldo some options are discounted now. See in the post.
Over stock discounts of bikes with specific components
We would like to invite you once again to the recumbent meeting we organize in middle September. Complete schedule is published as well as all information regarding the Pre-meeting tour which starts from Prague on 5th of September. Thanks to that you can enjoy full week of recumbent riding and you can share your passion with other recumbent riders from many different countries.
Invitation to the meeting - celebrate with us
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Mainstream Line

This basic line has all the key advantages of our other AZUB recumbents, such as fully functional IPS, ergonomic position of all controls, rigid and durable frame and, of course, the high quality of a bike which is made in Czech Republic (EU).

These bikes offer:

- great value with just the right balance of functionality and quality
- a stiff and durable frame
- a rear fork axle with slide bearings (which can be problem free for years of use and has been tested on a fully loaded recumbent tandem on long tours)

AZUB IBEX - recumbent bike


AZUB APUS - recumbent bike

AZUB IBEX - recumbent bike   AZUB APUS - recumbent bike
Wheels: 26/26 or 24/24
Frame: ALU
Steering: ASS, USS or OC
Wheels: 20/26
Frame: ALU
Steering: ASS, USS or OC

AZUB BUFO - recumbent bike

AZUB BUFO - recumbent bike  
Wheels: 20/20
Frame: ALU
Steering: ASS, USS or OC


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