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Light set for dynamo light with Busch ind Müller Luxos U incl. USB charger

Light set for dynamo light with Busch ind Müller Luxos U incl. USB charger  
Light set for dynamo light with Busch ind Müller Luxos U incl. USB charger
We deliver this set with rear light Busch ind Müller TOPLIGHT Flat plus as our other sets of lights.

Description of the LUXOS U IQ2 70/90 light + charger:
Luxos U headlights have a new optical system, IQ2, which provides an even wider beam than the IQ system, and it's brighter too, at 90 lux. The Luxos U has a handlebar mounted switch incorporating a USB outlet for charging USB devices. It also has a cache battery for those devices that might switch off if the dynamo's voltage drops, like when standing at a stop light. And, the Luxos U's beam automatically changes with the rider's speed, always producing the optimal beam pattern for that speed. The Luxos U is far and away the most advanced bicycle headlight available.

You can use the handlebar button to switch between various modes of operation (for example):
Flood Light mode at night uses the cache battery charge to provide full output from all of the LEDS for a very short period of time (one second).
In daytime, with the light switched "off", you can flash a motorist ahead with a quick press of the handlebar mounted button. (no steady flashing available)
The beem power can be changed from 70 to 90 LUX by the switch.

The handlebar button also provides the USB connection for your phone or GPS. The charge status of the cache battery is indicated by an LED on the button.

Wire between the light and switch is 160 cm long (long enough also for recumbents).

We also sell this front light separetly.
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  • Q and A (sarah)13.12.2014
Hi. Is there a rear light included? If yes, what are the characteristics?
How long does it take to recharge an iphone at what km/h speed? What about a tablet? (Samsung S 8.4)
How long can we use the light when we don't ride and don't use the usb charger ?
Thank you for considering my enquiries.
Regards. Sarah
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
we are sorry for our late reply. This light set is delivered with Busch ind Müller TOPLIGHT Flat plus, but we can sell just the light itself as well. It is very difficult to tell how long it takes to charge the iPhone as you always use some apps on the bike and some of them uses quite some of energy. It also depends on how good dynamo you have. I would say that with normal use of some GPS app and switched off screen, you can have the phone constantly working for hours while riding like 12 miles per hour or so. I personally use the light, but never drove that long I would need to charge the phone or I would need the GPS app running for hours.

I think you cannot use it for tablet as they usually need more miliampers for charging.

The weak light can be used for about 10 minutes or so. I never tried it. (Bonnie Santiago)09.07.2014
Would this be useful on the TRITON for a long tour ridr? How much does it way? How is the battery recharged? Can it be removed easily to use as a flashlight I'd needed?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
it would be very useful for long trips, however the integrated battery is pretty small so there is no chance to remove the light easel and use it as a flash light. The battery is charged from a SON dynamo in the front wheel. We do not know the exact weight at the moment.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla
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