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AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike

AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike  
AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike
AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike
AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike
AZUB Origami - folding recumbent bike
Wheels: 20/20
Frame: ALU


wheel size 26/26 inches The base for this folding recumbent was a frame from AZUB ECO 20” bike. The Eco 20” was considered one of the most stable recumbents on the market and we thought we could add some improved functionality. So we designed it with a folding mechanism. As with all other our models it features an IPS system which allows you to adjust the seat position according to your preference. In combination with our sliding seat bracket and specially designed rear adjustment you can really reach the ideal position with millimeter accuracy.

The bike also features an integrated carrier which can be folded together with the bike of course. Origami is simply a practical machine for those who need to travel often or have a small apartment. It can be folded into the optional bag to be transported on trains or buses or in trunks of small cars. The comfort of your bike is ensured by our ergonomic seat with soft seat pad and long wheel base.

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Under-the-seat-bag for Origami AZUB Boom Bag   Seat pad cover   Ventisit seat pad   Go to product page">Light set "led battery"  
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Go to product page">Light set "classic dynamo" Light set for dynamo hub   Light set for dynamo hub with Edelux   Head rest for composite seat   Cyclocomputer SIGMA BC 16.12 STS  
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Bottle Fix        
STEERING: above seat steering
REAR FORK: rigid
WELD: TIG method
SEAT: composite or carbon-kevlar, size M, L and XL
SEATPAD: standart 50 mm
SEAT ANGLE: (to road) 20-50°
SEAT ADJUSTING RANGE: lenght 180 mm, angle 30°
WHEELS: 20"/20“
TOTAL HEIGHT: min 110 cm
BARS WIDE: 40 cm
BARS ADJUSTING: different lenghts and angles
WEIGHT: 15,6kg
COLORS: orange-yellow RAL 2004, blue RAL 5012, red RAL 3002, green RAl 6018, olive green RAL 7002, beige RAL 1001, black RAL 9005, white RAL 9016
MAX. LOAD: 100 kg


orangeorange RAL 2004 light bluelight blue RAL 5012 redred RAL 3000 light greenlight green RAL 6018
stone greystone grey 7030 blackblack RAL 9005 whitewhite RAL 9003 yellowyellow RAL 1021 (Pierre)26.08.2015

What is the maximum load of the carrier? I want to fix a baby seat on it.

Thank you.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Pierre, we do not recommend using any kind of baby seats on the Origami. You should consider using a child trailer instead. It is much safer and more comfortable. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Albert Ritchey Jr.)20.07.2015
What are the rider sizes for the origami? I was looking for a bike that could be shared with my tall 7 year old currently around 50"
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Albert, thank you for your interest in our bikes. Your son would need to be about 9" taller to be able to ride the bike. Sharing a bike is a good idea in case there is not a huge difference between the riders' heights. About 6 inches is the maximum. Using two seats of a different size + chain adjustments would be needed in case the difference is bigger. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Ian)27.06.2015

Can the Origami be fitted with Schwalba Big Apple tyres and mudguards (fenders.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Ian, yes, it can be fitted both with the Big Apple (or even Big Apple Plus) tires and matching mudguards.
Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Graham)11.01.2015
Would I be able to fit an Origami into a 80x67x30cm box? Many thanks, Graham
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Graham, Thank you for your interest in the Origami folding bike. A fully disassembled bike might fit tightly, but there is still the 100cm (40") seat that can not be folded. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Geoff Searle)16.11.2014
I am considering an Origami as a packable touring bike, but it needs to be small enough to be accepted by Eurostar who demand a largest dimension of 85cm. Do you have a carry- case it can fit into which would help a lot.


Answer by AZUB BIKE:
we do not have a case, just a bag, but one of our customers used some road bikes case to transport the Origami. See here:
All the best,
Honza Galla (Erik)22.08.2014
Can it be equiped with suspension?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Erik. Thank you for your interest in our folding bents. Origami can not be equipped with rear suspension. It would be possible to use a suspension fork, but folding would be affected. However, it is possible to have the Origami equipped with a mesh seat (trike seat) for increased comfort. Tire choice and lower tire pressure are another ways to improve shock absorbtion. Best Regards, Milan Ctvrtnik (michael.malich)27.06.2014
How about some improvements for intensive alltime using in cycling develloping societies like ?
Mentioning STRIDA GOCYCLE GREENMACHINE AND TAGA! (Vision is to become real...)
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
we are always ready to work on improving our bikes. It would be good if you can contact us via e-mail with some closer offer.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla (Alan)23.05.2014
I am looking for a folding recumbent that will fit in the back of a small airplane I built. Can you please provide the length x width x height of the folded bike?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
we are very glad you like the Origami and I am super sorry for our too late answer.

Regarding the folding size it depends a lot on how much you are willing to disassemble the bike. If you remove wheels, front boom and the seat, you can go down to about 50x83x20cm. If you keep everything on it the size will be like 80x100x35cm. But the shape is not geometrical.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us again via e-mail.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla
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