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LAST CALL – 5% Off-season Discount will end on Sunday

We have a simple message for you today. The winter, or as we officialy call it off-season, discount will finish at the end of January. That means this Sunday.  The discount is valid for orders of complete bikes/trikes or frame sets placed directly or placed through our dealers. Improtant is the date when we receive the order. Why we offer off-season discount?
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5% off-season discount

As well as last year we offer the off-season 5% discount to all our bikes and trikes from October 1st till end of January 2016. It is a great opportunity to save quite some money just by placing your order couple of weeks/months ahead. Additionally we still offer some discounts for over-stocked components. We do not plan to increase the
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AZUB MINI in black with little red details and german Pinion 18 speed gear box

AZUB Mini with red Pinion P1.18, MRP or if you want White Brothers Rustler fork, Shimano XT hydraulic brakes and SON hub dynamo in red. Truly custom built bike…

Beautiful beast

AZUB TRIcon 26 F with BionX D-series and Pinion 1.18

An amazing trike with the 18 speed Pinion 1.18 gearbox and the extremely powerful BionX D-series and 555Wh battery.


1 year on an Azub 5

Fred & Ophélie,  Hello, It’s now 11 months we’re on a bike trip on our Azub 5. We started in may 1st, 2013, in USA where we spent 4 unforgettable months/7000 km between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then we flew to Cuzco in Perou and rode until Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego, end of the world !! It was
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azub 5 recumbent bike traveled through Brittany, France

Azub 5 – travelling in Brittany, France

We have received a very nice e-mail from Alice and later she made also this very nice video for us as well for her friends. I think you will enjoy it and we are looking forward to see pictures and videos from South America. I bought a bike Azub 5 in April 2013, with the aim to make a long
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Super-white AZUB MAX

We got a set of pictures from our Czech customer and they need to be published. He has ordered just a frame set with front fork from us and fine tuned it then. And the result is an extreme white AZUB MAX recumbent.


Off-road AZUB MAX with open cocpit steering

We have introduced the open cocpit (OC) steering option here on the blog just about three monthes ago or so and we have built couple of them until now. Here you can see a pretty special bike. It is an AZUB MAX with 26″ wheels and Schwalbe Racing Ralph MTB tyres and the open cocpit. We were all very interested
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Beautiful pictures from Norway

Gunnstein is in fact our first Norwegian customer. He even flew to Czech to visit us and test ride different bikes. He has chosen the AZUB MAX with above seat steering and MTB style components as he uses his bike both off and on the road. Here is his set of pictures from Summer ride in Norway.


AZUB Ibex with right hand control only

At first sight this is not a special bike. Maybe the combination of AZUB Ibex and above seat steering is not so common, but in last months this specification is quite normal too and people like it more and more. The interesting thing is that the recumbent is controled by right hand only. The SRAM Dual Drive has a combined
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