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Valdson on Paris-Brest-Paris

This is an e-mail we received from one of our customers Valdson. He ordered an AZUB MAX with Rohloff, SON hub dynamo, some carbon parts etc. just few weeks before the so known and respectful Paris-Brest-Paris race. The oldest bicycle race on the world which is still organised. But just once per four years. The MAX is his first recumbent
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AZUB gallery no. 1

There are thousands of pictures saved in our computers and they describe the present and past of AZUB company. We think that it would be nice to show them to you. So let´s start with a short trip which we made with a goal to make some pictures of AZUB Mini and also AZUB Max. Some of these pictures has
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Azub HardCore from South Korea

Well this AZUB HardCore built by our dealer from frame kit is really unique. Look at the blue chain! Carbon cranks, Magura Juicy disc brakes in white color, Cobalt wheels…ouhhh. This is really nice piece of recumbent world. We are very proud that all that hold AZUB frame and name. Enjoy! our dealer in South Korea – RECUMBENT KOREA

Azub Eco off-road test

We have received some very nice pictures from our friends who have tried the new Azub Eco recumbent off the roads. It was their first recumbent trip and it seems that they enjoyed it. It is impressive what they managed without previous recumbent experience.

Azub Apus from Austria

My name is Gerd Schieber and I come from Austria, the region of upper Austria. i just follow your appeal to send information and photos of azub-riders to you for your azubrecumbent’ blog and so here I am. I got to know about recumbent bikes just two years ago during my holidays in Croatia, where some dutch guys told me
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AZUB Bufo built from frame set

Long time I was looking for a bike for „all-day-use“ -and I found it, it’s the „Azub Bufo“. I decided for an Azub because of the IPS, I can adjust the seat in very short time, so that my sons also can use the bike. The next point was the position of the gear and break-shifters. Azub is the only
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Miro Ozimy – homebuilder with AZUB Mini

Recumbents has been my hobby for more than 10 years. I found and article about Radius recumbent in one old magazine and it was the first impact to think about recumbents. Since that time I have built couple of different bikes, trikes and trailers of different concepts. Couple of years ago I found the brand of AZUB BIKE. Their bikes
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Recumbent of our marketing manager

Honza Galla is our marketing manager and he also tests all our bikes during many weekend trips or even during some bigger journeys. His favourite bike is the AZUB Bufo right now, with SRAM shifters and derailleurs, MEKS front suspensioned fork and unders seat steering (USS). He prefers common V-brakes than the discs, mainly because he travels a lot with
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Marija´s Kozin expedition recumbent

Here are some pictures of Marija´s expedition AZUB 5. She traveled with this recumbent from Beijing to Slovenija alone and she covered around 17.000 km. The equipment of her bike was specialy chosen for such a long trip and surprisingly most of the parts has survived all the journey incl. chain, chain guides (tubes), pulley etc. Well, we recommend to
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Welcome to the world of AZUB recumbents

We would like to show you here recumbents of AZUB riders, time to time post some story from them and we would also like to show how they use their recumbents and how they customize them. If you are AZUB rider, we would like to have some pictures and comments from you too. Please send them to and we
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