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azub twin recumbent tandem in bangkok

Azub Twin World Tour 5

In the past few months, we did a lot of work to enjoy our travel. And we did a pretty good work because it has been quite fantastic till now. We can’t go through all of it but will try to get you some highlights and pics we liked… Cambodia : we did arrived in Cambodia to Phnom Penh by the
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Azub Twin World Tour IV: Vietnam; Laos

Here are some news about our recumbent tandem ride around the world. In summary, we left Hanoi (Vietnam) end of november 2013 to reach Phnon Penh (Cambodia) 7 weeks later. We got visits on the way, nice rides in the Lao mountains, a karaoke new year’s eve and an unfortunate event that changed a bit our plan for the future.
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Azub Twin around the world, now in South East Asia

This is the 3rd episode of the recumbent tandem adventure : an Azub Twin around the world, now in South East Asia. I am writing to you in a gloomy bedroom of an hotel from the deep old town of Hanoï (Vietnam). I think it is time for a short summary of what we have been doing sinceour departure, 6 months
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Azub Twin World Tour part 2. – Russia and Japan

We left you 2 months ago at the point where we had a well deserved rest in Finland after a 3600km trip through Europe. We stayed by one of those beautiful Suomi lake for 10 days planning the second big part of our travel: the entry in Asia by Russia. The part II of the Azub Twin World Tour will
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Azub Twin Wolrd Tour part I: Europe

We are at the moment somewhere in the south eastern part of Finland near a city named Lappeenrenta. I am sitting on a pier in one of those remote summer houses that finns affectionate so much. In the right hand, a beer. Behind me, the wooden sauna smokes like a papermill. In front of me, the lac spotted by dozens
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