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AZUB TRIcon videos – overview and folding

We have been working hard on new videos during last couple of weeks. We visited Alps to do some nice shots, but were also around Uherský Brod for some other shooting. The result is six new trike videos. Two are here today, the others will come in next days. Any comments welcomed!

Beautiful beast

AZUB TRIcon 26 F with BionX D-series and Pinion 1.18

An amazing trike with the 18 speed Pinion 1.18 gearbox and the extremely powerful BionX D-series and 555Wh battery.


SET on a tour across USA and Australia

Another solar trike is out on a long  journey. And it is the AZUB TRIcon trike again. This time Rob Longstaff will ride such trike across USA and Australia. Pretty nice trip, isn`t it?  Introduction  With the help and support of companies SOLARC(DE), AZUB (CZ) and AKKUTRIKE(DE) I have built a state of the art Solar Electric Trike, herein referred to
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AZUB on Eco Mobility Festival in Suwon City, South Korea

We have sent two Origami folding recumbents and two TRIcon ultra folding recumbent trikes to the Eco Mobility Festival in Suwon City in South Korea. The festival is organised there this month and mainly our trikes have a huge sucess there. This makes us pretty happy and proud. See some pictures from VIP ride. Photo: ICLEI e.v.

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AZUB TRIcon trike with push brakes

We are pretty happy we can announce we have developed some adaptations which can help disabled people ride our trikes. Here is one of the first trikes with such adaptations. which has not only the so called “push brakes” but also a rear disc brake as an parking brake option. One of the first custom build trikes with adaptations for
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AZUB and airplanes

We have received this one nice picture from Bruno. He likes his AZUB TRIcon ultra folding trike with BionX engine a lot and he also likes airplanes. He is a pilot of ultralights and was in fact a first customer to come to order the trike/bike by plane. He landed just about 4 km from our place on a very
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AZUB TRIcon trike with red carrier

We had a special request to build a TRIcon trike all in red. Or in fact with the front boom and carrier in red. Why not? Not a problem for us. Here you can see the result. We think it is pretty nice. There would be a chance to paint also the bars for example and few other parts. Even
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AZUB TRIcon with Velotop

Here you can see a very nice picture of the AZUB TRIcon recumbent trike with Velotop fairing (weather protection) installed. This combination was made by our new dealer in Belgium the Trike Shop.

azub tricon ultra folding recumbent trike in NYC

Links to articles about AZUB Team´s visit in USA

We visited USA in October to see the recumbent world and recumbent market there, to visit the Recumbent Cycle Con show in LA and to introduce our bikes and trikes. Especialy the AZUB TRIcon impressed many dealers and recumbent riders and all the journey was very sucessful for us. I think I will post bigger gallery sooner or later, but
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