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Custom ECO trike built for Czech customer

This is a post which should show that almost everything is possible here in AZUB. Even if we officialy promote the AZUB ECO trike as a basic trike with only minimum of options, we are able to build it based on customer demand. Of course, with some little upcharge for customization. In last two year we have built about 10
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Zbysek in a television

Zbysek who sent us two nice pictures of AZUB ECO trike in La Rochelle harbour was talking in television last week. Partly also about his trike journey through Canada next year. Unfornatenully only in French. La vie ŕ bord | un film

azub 1_1

Zbysek´s ECO trike

Zbysek lives in La Rochelle, France and plans his trip through Canada in 2012. He chosen AZUB ECO trike for his adventure and we received first two pictures from him. They have very special atmosphere not so common among bicycles. We are looking forward to see more pictures from him. Thank you, Zbysek!


Fairing for AZUB ECO Trike

We have received few pictures of fairing from our customer from Denmark. And he includes also a short text about it. “Finally I managed to get my trike on the road. Aspromised I hereby send you a few pics of the faired trike. The main purpose of the fairing is to keep me dry when it is raining. I do,
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Winter report on AZUB ECO trike

Roland Hyving from rides on his AZUB ECO trike even in winter and we are very happy to receive his comments from this year. We can say now that we will thing about all his experiences and we can also say that the brakes has parking brake already. Here is his e-mail we received: We have had a long
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AZUB ECO trike with Bion-X

Mark Burgers from A.C.E. in Winterswijk made a customized AZUB ECO trike for his customer. They used a set with the biggest battery perfectly posotioned in the carrier. The carrier is for 26″ wheel but is nicely attached to the trike and the overall look is just nice. We made a special dropouts for this trike and we plan to
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Nice e-mail

It is really nice to read e-mails like this one from Kristian: Hi Honza, I’ve recieved the trike sent by you and I am overly impressed not only by the quality of the trike but also by the packaging and swift delivery. It has been a pleasure making this purchase at AZUB bikes. Thanks a lot Kristian Thank you too,
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Winter pictures of AZUB ECO trike

Bernhard Regler is not only our customer but also our friend who came with friends to participate on therecumbent meeting which was in Uhersky Brod in September. He sent us few pictures of the ECO trike and the way how his family use it to go to grocery and other shopping. We can only say: “Cool and cold”  Thank you
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AZUB ECO trike transported by cabrio car

One last picture of this ECO trike picture series. This is from Roulcouche shop in France (near Paris) and is really great! You can find other nice pictures there on their web page.

AZUB ECO trike in Madrid, Spain

Jason from our spanish dealer made couple of pictures of the AZUB ECO trike for his blog. They are pretty nice with special atmosphere. They are worth posting.


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