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1 year on an Azub 5

Fred & Ophélie,  Hello, It’s now 11 months we’re on a bike trip on our Azub 5. We started in may 1st, 2013, in USA where we spent 4 unforgettable months/7000 km between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then we flew to Cuzco in Perou and rode until Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego, end of the world !! It was
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azub 5 recumbent bike traveled through Brittany, France

Azub 5 – travelling in Brittany, France

We have received a very nice e-mail from Alice and later she made also this very nice video for us as well for her friends. I think you will enjoy it and we are looking forward to see pictures and videos from South America. I bought a bike Azub 5 in April 2013, with the aim to make a long
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Des Andes aux Indes – cycling in South America

It’s a sunny day in Tumbaco on this early September day when we leave Santiago and his family. We landed a few days earlier in Quito, capital of Ecuator, and spent a few days in Santiago’s casa de ciclistas to get ready for the start of our big adventure. We’d been looking forward to that day for a year and
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The right expedition recumbent – AZUB 5

Among bikes from our special edition, you can find also an expedition recumbent. During the years we ride our recumbents on roads of different countries and we sell bikes also to long distance cyclists we think we have realized how the right bike for serious expeditions should look like. Of course, it depends on budget and on conditions in which
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azub tricon ultra folding recumbent trike in NYC

Links to articles about AZUB Team´s visit in USA

We visited USA in October to see the recumbent world and recumbent market there, to visit the Recumbent Cycle Con show in LA and to introduce our bikes and trikes. Especialy the AZUB TRIcon impressed many dealers and recumbent riders and all the journey was very sucessful for us. I think I will post bigger gallery sooner or later, but
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French recumbent travellers

There are few French recumbent travellers using their AZUB recumbents on their journeys right now. Mainly Damien riding his AZUB MAX from Paris, France to Vladivostok, Russia. He is in Hungary or Romania right now and you can follow his journey via his blog here: (only French) Also Albert who started his trip from Rennes, France on 1st of
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Nice pictures. But who made them?

We have found two great pictures somewhere on internet, but we do not know who is an author of them. If you can let us know, it would be great. Thanks for any info.

Traveling on recumbent in russian winter

We got just one picture from Dmitry. But it says it all…

AZUB 5 with Trail Gator

We got some nice pictures and video from France. One of our customers made a special adapter so he can use a tow bar called Trail Gator to tow his child. Another child is using standard baby seat sometimes. From our point of view it is quite interesting solution, but we have not tested it, we have not designed it
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Azub 5 heavy user from Finland

I’m Timo Kissaniitty from Finland. We live in Helsinki with my wife, daughter and three cats. I’ve been riding a recumbent for a year and a half.The first bike was a HP Velotechnik Spirit, and now I have an Azub 5. I was looking for a recumbent for my wife and I found the Azub second hand. I tried it and soon
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