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We produce unique bikes for you!

Look at that. Two trikes (one AZUB TRIcon and one AZUB T-Tris) equipped with Pinions and BionX D-series motors in neon colors. We can really say we produce unique trikes according to your most secret dreams! This couple goes to german couple ūüôā Enjoy the gallery.


All new offers in one place

It is unbelievable how fast the time flies. It seems like New Year was here just a few days ago and now nearly half of it is gone. Incredible. And in recent months, here in AZUB we have worked on many interesting things. You probably already know that we have introduced a new model of a full suspension trike called
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Price list 2016

Year 2016 has already been part of our lifes for a couple of months, and it is the time for AZUB to come with the new price list. You can find it here. We have several news which you can find highlighted in red in the price list. Mainly, it is the great German Pinion P1.18 gear box with 18 speeds and huuuuuge 636% gear
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LAST CALL – 5% Off-season Discount will end on Sunday

We have a simple message for you today. The winter, or as we officialy call it off-season, discount will finish at the end of January. That means this Sunday.  The discount is valid for orders of complete bikes/trikes or frame sets placed directly or placed through our dealers. Improtant is the date when we receive the order. Why we offer off-season discount?
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5% off-season discount

As well as last year we offer the off-season 5% discount to all our bikes and trikes from October 1st till end of January 2016. It is a great opportunity to save quite some money just by placing your order couple of weeks/months ahead. Additionally we still offer some discounts for over-stocked components. We do not plan to increase the
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video from SPEZI 2015

Short video from the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany, where we had our booth once again. Well, not only one booth. We had a stand in the outside area and also a stand on the test parcour. We brought over 20 bikes and trikes for display and test rides as well. Thank you to all our AZUB fans who came!

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TRIcon trike as a base for velomobile

Challenger velomobile is a pretty known project which was assembled on ICE trikes some time ago. The builder was not able to produce it anymore as he has enough of other work so he has sold the complete project to Luc Smets and his company Eurocircuits. Luc is a customer of us and long time TRIcon rider and so he
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French family to go around Europe in 2013 and 2014

Mury family from France is planning an amazing tour around Europe on trike. They suppose to start in August 2013. They will use two AZUB T-Tris trikes and a Hase Ketwiesel tandem. They have a pretty nice blog. We recommend to look especialy at their team panoramatic photo and also at pictures taken during their test ride this year. We
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AZUB Max in red-white color combination

You have probably realized already we like the color combinations with white quite a lot. This bike was on display during the SPEZI show in Germany in April 2012 and also during other shows this year. At the moment it is for sale. The color shop combination is free of charge so if you are looking for unique bike you
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Thermos bottle for AZUB riders

Ronny Svensson is one of our Swedish customers who ride an AZUB ECO trike. He makes custom engraving on thermos bottles and other objects and he made two very nice thermos bottles for us. And we would like to offer such a nice thermos also to our customers. If you like them you can order them with your customized text.
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