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azub 5 recumbent bike traveled through Brittany, France

Azub 5 – travelling in Brittany, France

We have received a very nice e-mail from Alice and later she made also this very nice video for us as well for her friends. I think you will enjoy it and we are looking forward to see pictures and videos from South America.

I bought a bike Azub 5 in April 2013, with the aim to make a long journey to South America in the next two years. My boyfriend and I are very very satisfied with our 2 bikes (two azub 5), tried on the roads of Brittany, France in summer! A new way to travel, a real pleasure and happiness! Now we have to try on mountains road… ! The real departure is planned for June 2015 from Columbia.

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2 Responses to “Azub 5 – travelling in Brittany, France”

  1. Philippe says:

    Nice idea to come to Brittany, very nice region to discover by bike, with more and more “greenways” welcoming happy bikers !

  2. James King says:

    I would love to spend a few weeks touring northern france! It looks amazing. The roads are so quiet.

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