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riding around the world on a recumbent bike

Irène and Joël with AZUB 6 in prime time on France 2

See this very nice 53s video with Irène and Joël broadcasted in prime time on France 2 ! This belong to a series of short programs broadcasted at 8.40pm every evening during 2 or 3 weeks as a “teasing” before the start of Tour de France. Irène and Joël are on their journey around the world now and you can
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An important article about trikes and safetyin french magazine

This article has been published in March issue of “Cyclotourisme” magazine, which is send to 22.000 subscribers among the 110.000 members of the FFCT (French Federation of CycloTourism) FFCT is dedicated to leisure cycling and is different than the FFC (French Federation of Cyclism), which is more oriented towards competition. Monique (author) has been national responsible of the security commission
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Just being with the bike and travelling

We have received very nice e-mail from Erwan travelling around France and just being. Being with our bike. Nice! Hi, I chose an azub max to live on the road. I have used an optima baron for 10 years and a nazca pioneer for 5 years, so, I can recognize a good bike. I left about 4 month ago and
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Pink lady

The weather outside is not really nice nowadays everything is gray or brown and people do not smile at each other as in Summer. So let´s come with some sweet pictures with shiny bike and smiling lady. Rebecca saw her bike on the SPEZI show 2011 in Germersheim and she was dressed exactly as you see her on the picture.
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French recumbent travellers

There are few French recumbent travellers using their AZUB recumbents on their journeys right now. Mainly Damien riding his AZUB MAX from Paris, France to Vladivostok, Russia. He is in Hungary or Romania right now and you can follow his journey via his blog here: (only French) Also Albert who started his trip from Rennes, France on 1st of
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AZUB Apus prictures from Okocicle

Carlos from Okocicle in Madrid, Spain sent us a link to a beautiful set of pictures he did to promote AZUB Apus recumbent. You can find the complete set on flickr here.

AZUB ECO trike transported by cabrio car

One last picture of this ECO trike picture series. This is from Roulcouche shop in France (near Paris) and is really great! You can find other nice pictures there on their web page.

Electric recumbent AZUB ECO 20″

Tom sent us few pictures of his AZUB ECO 20″ with electric assist he use for commuting. Pictures are very promissing and you can find his comments in his blog here.

AZUB recumbent in the world highest road pass

Khardung-La is pretty known pass just 40 kilemeters away from Leh, Ladakh, India. It is called as the highest motorable pass all over the world with height of 5350 meters above the sea level. Our marketing manager Honza Galla has travelled with his wife in Indian Himalayas fro three weeks with AZUB Mini and AZUB trike(both folding prototypes) and he managed to
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Traveling with AZUB Ibex in eastern France

We got a link to a nice photo gallery from Francois. You can see pictures from his journey through eastern France on his AZUB Ibex recumbent. Very nice!


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