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AZUB Origami folded in the Hellium bag

Origami perfectly packed for air travels

We have received an e-mail from Lincoln who live in Australia and once a year travel to Holland for cycling vacation. He has a MAX from us as well as the Origami and he has some nice tip for all of us. “It can’t get any easier to pack and travel with the Origami. Using the Hellium bag, I removed
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2013 price list and news

Hallo to all AZUB riders, fans and future customers. We bring you the new price list for the 2013 season and would like to introduce you many important news include the description of all the development we did on our bikes which led to renaming the AZUB 5 to AZUB SIX. Please note, 2013 prices are valid from April the
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An important article about trikes and safetyin french magazine

This article has been published in March issue of “Cyclotourisme” magazine, which is send to 22.000 subscribers among the 110.000 members of the FFCT (French Federation of CycloTourism) FFCT is dedicated to leisure cycling and is different than the FFC (French Federation of Cyclism), which is more oriented towards competition. Monique (author) has been national responsible of the security commission
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Why do you ride AZUB Mini with dual 20“ wheels even in terrain?

written by Honza Galla, international sales and marketing manager of AZUB BIKE I get such question pretty often. Especialy because I am 185 cm tall which is far enough for dual 26″ bike. The answer is a bit longer as it describes my recumbent experience which is couple of years long. I started to ride recumbents sometime around 2003. In
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AZUB winter offer 2012

We would like to announce our winter offer for this year. Something we have never done before, but we would like to do this year. The winter offer consists of two offers in fact: The 1st is a our color shop option for free exclude the seat. The seat would be just 30 EUR or 37 USD (valid also for
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Some used bikes and trikes for sale

We do have some bikes produced for immadiate order for our customers and some qhich are used and should be sold during winter on our web page here. Ther are some nic one: A blue AZUB TWIN tandem, AZUB T-Tris folding trike with BionX motor or an AZUB MAX with USS in beautiful red-white combination with the color shop option
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front recumbent wheel with repaired tyre

Spare parts and tools for long tours and expeditions

Year by year we produce more and more bikes for long distance tours and expeditions. We hope that this is because our bikes are durable and we have lot of options for the travelers and we can really build a bike that suits their needs. Thanks to all those people riding our bike in the world and around the world,
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WIN a SON hub dynamo

We like  play and have fun and we think you like it too. That’s why you have a recumbent or why you are interested in it, right? We would like to play with you, to have some competitions on Facebook or elswhere and also to receive some feedback from you sooner or later. To be able to do that, we
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How to transport recumbents in public transport mostly airplanes

There is a lot of disscusion about protecting your bike especialy recumbent in an airplane. Mostly because none is 100% safe. People who are responsible for loading and unloading the luggages to/from an airplane and all others around do not really care what is inside and they are in fact not responsible for any demages at all. So two extreme
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