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Frogs on Wheels are in “stans” now

Gökben and Nico are on their journey for over 400 days now. Currently in Uzbekistan. Here is their rough summary of first half of 2015 and also photos from Georgia and Armenia. Follow the expedition on Facebook or their web.

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Nicely dome video of MAX nicely built from frame set + photo gallery



Super-white AZUB MAX

We got a set of pictures from our Czech customer and they need to be published. He has ordered just a frame set with front fork from us and fine tuned it then. And the result is an extreme white AZUB MAX recumbent.


Just being with the bike and travelling

We have received very nice e-mail from Erwan travelling around France and just being. Being with our bike. Nice! Hi, I chose an azub max to live on the road. I have used an optima baron for 10 years and a nazca pioneer for 5 years, so, I can recognize a good bike. I left about 4 month ago and
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Off-road AZUB MAX with open cocpit steering

We have introduced the open cocpit (OC) steering option here on the blog just about three monthes ago or so and we have built couple of them until now. Here you can see a pretty special bike. It is an AZUB MAX with 26″ wheels and Schwalbe Racing Ralph MTB tyres and the open cocpit. We were all very interested
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Beautiful pictures from Norway

Gunnstein is in fact our first Norwegian customer. He even flew to Czech to visit us and test ride different bikes. He has chosen the AZUB MAX with above seat steering and MTB style components as he uses his bike both off and on the road. Here is his set of pictures from Summer ride in Norway.


AZUB and airplanes

We have received this one nice picture from Bruno. He likes his AZUB TRIcon ultra folding trike with BionX engine a lot and he also likes airplanes. He is a pilot of ultralights and was in fact a first customer to come to order the trike/bike by plane. He landed just about 4 km from our place on a very
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AZUB Max in red-white color combination

You have probably realized already we like the color combinations with white quite a lot. This bike was on display during the SPEZI show in Germany in April 2012 and also during other shows this year. At the moment it is for sale. The color shop combination is free of charge so if you are looking for unique bike you
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Korbinian and Judit testing AZUB recumbents

We had a nice visit from Germany here couple of days ago. Korbinian and his girlfriend Judit came to test our bikes and also trikes. They spent two days in the nice countryside around Uhersky Brod and as you can see from their photos, they enjoyed the trip. If you will continue and will see all the gallery, you will
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Igor riding his MAX around Australia

Igor is originaly from the Czech Republic, but has been living in Australia for couple of last years. He purchuased his AZUB MAX to ride around Australia and to learn more abour permaculture. He writes a very nice blog which we think make sense to read. You can sign in to receive his newsletters or you can follow our Facebook
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