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Super-white AZUB MAX

We got a set of pictures from our Czech customer and they need to be published. He has ordered just a frame set with front fork from us and fine tuned it then. And the result is an extreme white AZUB MAX recumbent.


Custom ECO trike built for Czech customer

This is a post which should show that almost everything is possible here in AZUB. Even if we officialy promote the AZUB ECO trike as a basic trike with only minimum of options, we are able to build it based on customer demand. Of course, with some little upcharge for customization. In last two year we have built about 10
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Amazing AZUB TWIN recumbent tandem

We built a pretty unique AZUB TWIN tandem last week. Our customers wanted to have it in same colors as their two Catrike trikes. So we let the dreams flow, used the AZUB Color shop option and painted a very special frame for them. The expedition extension of our standard carrier is still missing. This one will be also in
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AZUB TRIcon trike with red carrier

We had a special request to build a TRIcon trike all in red. Or in fact with the front boom and carrier in red. Why not? Not a problem for us. Here you can see the result. We think it is pretty nice. There would be a chance to paint also the bars for example and few other parts. Even
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Amazing recumbent tandem for Japan

This is one of the first production tandems we ever did. You could see two videos with it in one of the previous posts and we found some pictures of it now. So we would like to show them to you. The components of this unique bike were not that much special except for the cranks. The special tandem set
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AZUB Max in red-white color combination

You have probably realized already we like the color combinations with white quite a lot. This bike was on display during the SPEZI show in Germany in April 2012 and also during other shows this year. At the moment it is for sale. The color shop combination is free of charge so if you are looking for unique bike you
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AZUB Mini in green-white combination – a bike with story

This little amazing bike went to Neighborhood transportation in North Carolina. The story around it is pretty nice. The current owner has a czech wife and they come to visit us with their son during their visit in The Czech Republic. We had a nice talk and when Graham was finilazing and order with Honza, our international sales manager, he
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Pink lady

The weather outside is not really nice nowadays everything is gray or brown and people do not smile at each other as in Summer. So let´s come with some sweet pictures with shiny bike and smiling lady. Rebecca saw her bike on the SPEZI show 2011 in Germersheim and she was dressed exactly as you see her on the picture.
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