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AZUB TRIcon trike with push brakes

We are pretty happy we can announce we have developed some adaptations which can help disabled people ride our trikes. Here is one of the first trikes with such adaptations. which has not only the so called “push brakes” but also a rear disc brake as an parking brake option. One of the first custom build trikes with adaptations for
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The first AZUB trike powered by petrol

For one of our disabled customers who want to use his trike for extremly long trips we built an AZUB T-Tris trike powered partly by pedals and partly by 4 stroke Honda engine. We had to do some changes on the frame, but all the parts around the engine are available on the market here in Czech. And we think
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AZUB Ibex with right hand control only

At first sight this is not a special bike. Maybe the combination of AZUB Ibex and above seat steering is not so common, but in last months this specification is quite normal too and people like it more and more. The interesting thing is that the recumbent is controled by right hand only. The SRAM Dual Drive has a combined
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