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De Sao Paulo ů Araquari 4-75

Follow the Floo in Brasil on recumbent tandem

So here we are in the southern hemisphere. We’re starting our discovery of South America in Rio de Janeiro, just to get directly into the mood. And that was the case, as this city is simply amazing!


We also made a little video on Rio de Janeiro, which you can find here : http://followthefloo.com/ipanema-samba-cachaca-by-floo


After a week, we leave the madness of Rio, and give our first pedal strokes in Brazil.

We follow the coast which is quite hilly in reality, and we enjoy the incredible sceneries.


We also meet Diego, who gives free surf lessons to disadvantaged children. We follow him to one of his surf lessons with two kids.


A few days later, we celebrate the birthday of Florence with the family of Diego.


We continue our journey. And take the highway for the first time by bike (which is actually quite common in Brazil).


On our way, we discover a surprising abandoned amusement park. We take this opportunity to have a break and have some fun.


We then take the ferry to Ilha Grande.


We finally stay five days on this beautiful island.


The first night we arrived on the island, we meet by chance Argentinians organizing a night hike to the highest point of the island, in order to see the sunrise from there. We join them and leave at 2:30 am for three hours of intense walking through the jungle. But it is worth it because once at the top, the view is just incredible!!! And the sunrise is amazing! This is one of the best experiences of our lives.


We also made a video of our expedition to the Papagaio Peak that you can find here: http://followthefloo.com/pico-do-papagaio/


After 5 days on Ilha Grande, we return to the mainland and continue our journey.


We cycle along the Costa Verde, and picture-perfect landscapes follow one after the other.


Each evening we take small paths, which always lead us towards small beaches and coves of fishermen where we spend the night.


We meet two Brazilian bikepackers along the way.


A few days later, we take a ferry again, this time to reach another island named Ilhabela.


There, we meet Edneia, which also has a recumbent tandem, of Zohrer brand.


We take this opportunity to try another recumbent tandem and make the comparison. And not surprisingly, the AZUB Twin far outweighs.


Back to the continent, we take a bus to Sao Paulo. There, we are hosted by Vitor, who is manager of the bike shop Ciclo Urbano in Sao Paulo ( http://www.ciclourbano.com.br ). Having broken a few spokes before arriving in Ilhabela, we go with Vitor to Ciclo Urbano in order to buy new spokes and complete our safety stock. We spend the day at the store, having fun with Vitor and his colleagues.


After a week in Sao Paulo. We cycle back to the station to take another bus to Curitiba.


From there, we cycle again and go through Paranagua and Guaratuba.


Then we continue our journey to the ferry going to Sao Francisco Do Sul.


There we are staying with Fabio and his family. And for more safety, we put the bike in the living room for the night.


We leave Sao Francisco do Sul through Praia Grande. It is extremely hot and we have to push the bike when there is too much sand.


But we finally get to leave Sao Francisco do Sul, and arrive to the village of Araquari where we spend the night in the underconstruction store of Clair, another warmshowers.

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