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AZUB with Pinion gearbox and BionX

Pinion p1.18 gearbox is pretty new bicycle component made in Germany. Straight after its presentation on Eurobike 2012 we started to receive questions about it and its possible use on our recumbents. There are many reasons why people like the idea of having 18 gears in the bottom bracket but we see the biggest advantage when using it on recumbents in wider gear range. It is a typical problem. When you go uphill you need lower gears to be able to pedal with higher cadence.  When you go on flat lands or downhill, you need higher gears for achieving higher speeds. And standard 3×9 gears or Rohloff hubby does`t cover all that. But Pinion does. Its gear range is with 636% enormous! It is also very clean solution with no derailleurs, no cassettes, just one sprocket and one chain wheel plus little tensioner.

It did not take too much of time and we have had an order on the table. For a TRIcon with Pinion and BionX motor as well. One of the most expensive bikes we have ever produced went to Germany than. It was an amazing trike and you can see its pictures here. If you have any questions, just post them among comments or send us an e-mail.

Note: Those crazy plastic pedals you can see on the trike are there just for testing purposes before we packed the trike into box.

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5 Responses to “AZUB with Pinion gearbox and BionX”

  1. John says:

    So how much does the pinion cost – if one was to buy a second boom with a pinion in it?

  2. […] aqui está uma combinação interessante! O Pinion requer que a zona do eixo pedaleiro seja construída a pensar nele, e um triciclo […]

  3. Jean-Philippe Coudrat says:

    Dear AZUB team,

    I’m living a couple of months per year in Québec province (Canada) Montréal City.

    I’m very interrested in purchasing a Tricon with Pinion 1.18 (But no electric motor).

    My questions are :

    – Would this be possible to mount such a Tricon ? … (With MINIMUM possible number of teeth on the one front chainwheel and MAXIMUM possible number of teeth on the one rear sprocket _ in order to optimize road montains climbing)

    – Would you ship to Montréal ?

    – Would you have an estimated global cost for such a project ? (In Czech Krons or in Euros, I can pay in Euros by wire transfer)

    – If all that would be : ” yes, possible”, I could add some extras accessories like mudgards, Rear luggage kit … etc. …

    Another solution could be to have it shipped in France to my mother’s postal address … then, as I will travel to France at times, I could then take it to Montréal by airplane (Dimantled / packed to smallest possible package)

    Best regards
    Jean-Philippe Coudrat

  4. ANNA says:

    Pinion p1.18 gearbox bicycle its made in Germany, Germany Products generally so good. I have read your page already. You have given may pic about Pinion p1.18 gearbox in your page. I have get more information about this bike. We will buy 5 bikes recently with our friends.

  5. David Massey says:

    Tell me about the bracket that holds the Bionix battery to the frame. Where does it attach to the frame and what is the price to order one?

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