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AZUB TRIcon trike with push brakes

We are pretty happy we can announce we have developed some adaptations which can help disabled people ride our trikes. Here is one of the first trikes with such adaptations. which has not only the so called “push brakes” but also a rear disc brake as an parking brake option.

One of the first custom build trikes with adaptations for disabled people.

Rear disc brake as a parking brake option.

Shifters on the left side which can be operated only by pushing. This is important for people who have spasms in their hands. Also a parking brake lever is visible there.

Push brakes – the complete upper part of the bar works as a brake lever. What you need to brake is to push it frontward. Sounds strange as pushing frontward would mean also turning, but if you get use to it, it works.

The inspiration came from such adaptation for driving a car.

Support boots on pedals. This is the short version we offer. The longer one supports also calf.

Shimano Alfine in the rear works just fine.

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3 Responses to “AZUB TRIcon trike with push brakes”

  1. James Healy says:

    I had a stroke which left half my body paralyzed (right side). I already tried a normal tricycle with 1 front wheel and 2 back wheels. Never again. A 2-front and 1-back wheel trike looks very appealing.
    Several problems though:
    1) I only have 1 arm (left arm), so, everything must be controllable with the LEFT hand and the steering as well.
    2) My right leg can move but my foot would stay on the pedal unless my foot is fastened to the pedal with a clip.
    3) There are also some sprockets (which the pedals are attached to) that are just a little oval in shape and which helps me put a little more “push” on my right leg (like on mountain bikes).
    4) The chain was always a problem for me, being on the right-hand side. Maybe having like a small plastic-like girdle could fix that problem. You’re the experts.
    5) I would like a 10 or 12 speed bike. My last trike had 21 speeds and I had trouble with the gears because there were 3 front sprockets and 7 hind sprockets and the chain would almost always go in-between the rows of sprockets in the front or back and sometimes both. By reducing to 2 rows in front and from 7 to 5-6 in the back, it would reduce my headaches by 20-30%.
    6) My former bike weighed 88 lbs (40 kg). It was like hauling a tank!! Never again!! Anything is better than that.
    7) You might have some suggestions that could be very interesting. Do we need big tires or is there a reason for that? The bigger the wheels or more traction, the more traction the harder it is to pedal, right?
    So, what can you do for a man that had a stroke ?

    • admin says:

      we are very glad that you consider our trikes as one of those which can help you cycle again.

      Here are some answers to your questions:
      1/ This is absolutely no problem. Your left hand is fully working or does it have also some limitations?
      2/ The best solution for this would be some clipless pedals like SPD or so, if I understand it well.
      3/ This is not really much in use. Some people use it, but we do not have a real supplier for this. If you really think this will help we can try to organize some Rotor chainwheels for you.
      4/ I absolutely do not understand where there can be a problem with the chain on right side. Can you describe it a bit more, please.
      5/ Hmm, 10 or 12 would make it rather complicated as those are too low quality components today. I would better go for some internal gearing like Shimano Alfine 11 or combination of SRAM Dual Drive with 8 speeds in the rear. If the shifting is properly adjusted, there cannot be any problem. Or we can assemble the Nuvinci hub which has no steps in between gears at all. It is like a variator on some small motorbikes.
      6/ Trike with some accessories will weight about half that.
      7/ This depends a lot on where will you ride with the trike and what kind of surface such roads will have. Based on that we can recommend some good tyres. But you do not need to be worried. All the tyres from us have very low rolling resistance. Even those Schwalbe Big Apples which are 2″ wide are pretty fast.

      If you have any other question, feel free to contact us via e-mail info@azub.eu

      Have a great day,
      Honza Galla

  2. Edmond says:

    Very interesting concept, those push brakes. Love to test them at the SPEZi in 2015!

    @James Healy
    I really hope that you found a trike to your liking!

    Best Regards, Edmond

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