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We would like to show you here recumbents of AZUB riders, time to time post some story from them and we would also like to show how they use their recumbents and how they customize them.

If you are AZUB rider, we would like to have some pictures and comments from you too. Please send them to honza@azub.cz and we will send you a little useful cycle gift!

Welcome to the world of AZUB recumbents!

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6 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa M says:

    Hi in my research of ‘bents my conclusion is that Azub seems to be the best ride around. Does anyone know how I can get one into Australia? There aren’t any distributers in my neck of the woods.. AND I REALLY WANT ONE! 🙂

  2. Honza Galla says:

    just send a request to azub@azub.cz and we will help you out with it. It is pretty easy and AZUB send bikes world wide.

  3. Mazan Michel says:

    Pouvez-vous me faire parvenir des renseignements sur le tandem AZUB (dimensions, freinage, porte bagages, poids, prix,comment le commander, prix de livraison….)
    En vous remerciant

  4. Ivan John says:

    Dear Hionza,

    Please write to me as l would like to discuss the build of a new bike….

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  5. stefaan van poucke says:

    Hi mr. Honza ;

    wrote you earlier but at that time you were in the States and my mail was incorrect too , so this is another try 🙂 .

    What light system is the best on a tricon 26 dual drive 27 when the gaul is to see and to be seen ? The nearest dealer is about 300 km from my town , so I’ll have to order directly from you !

    Hope jet – lag is over or even better there never has been one !

    sincerely ;


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