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AZUB TRIcon - folding trike

AZUB TRIcon - folding trike  
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
AZUB TRIcon - folding trike
Wheels: 20/20/20
Frame: ALU



360 degree view of a recumbent trike

When we began developing our first tricycle, we knew that in the future we wanted to introduce a model that would be foldable into amazingly small dimensions, it would have a rear suspension and overall superior drivability.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it comes - the new AZUB TRIcon. A totally unique machine, whose properties will attract you immediately.

We have achieved really small dimensions thanks to our folding mechanism in the middle of the frame of F2F (Fold-to-Flat), and folding rear fork. Additionally, you can quickly remove both wheels and mudguards, along with the carrier. All this in less than three minutes. But if you just want to fold TRIcon into your car, just fold it in half and go.

For the rear suspension, we chose a proper shock absorber again. You can choose either the basic version of spring / oil, or use one of the top shock absorbers, oil / air combination. Selecting the correct shock absorber and its settings will provide you not only with pleasant comfort, but also very efficient transfer of power. Therefore the pulley position is also very important. We spent a long time "playing“ with this and the result is more than satisfying. We managed to reduce the so-called pogo-effect (lateral swinging of a recumbent bike when pedaling rhythmically or using a force) to an absolute minimum.

Excellent drivability plays a major role in the development. Not only front wheel geometry and control, but also the toughness of the rear fork is important. The toughness of the rear fork was vital for us. To get a really tough fork, one must achieve its shortest possible length, which we achieved by using a massive and very lightweight supporting element. It bears the frame mounting to fork, extending to powerful rear stays of the fork. The overall toughness is then supported by the axis of the fork used that is large in diameter and also the position of the shock absorber together with the frame structure in the rear. Another element that contributes to the exceptional drivability are the Remerx double wall rims that not only look absolutely great, but also have unique toughness and strength. This ensures the stability especially in fast rides through sharp curves.

"This is Azub’s top of the line three wheeler and it has blown people away with it’s easy fold, super stiff chassis and superb handling. I’ve heard at least three recumbent dealers and/or dealer employees call it “the best handing trike I’ve ever ridden.”"
                            Bryan Ball,

Features of the Azub TRIcon include:

IPS system of AZUB recumbent trikes IPS - Ideal Position System
This system has made AZUB famous since the brand’s foundation in 2000. It allows riders to find the right position on their AZUB recumbent through a wide range of adjustable seat positions, through the possibility of adjustment their under-seat or upper-seat steering and last but not least, through the possibility of setting the ideal frame length.

Read more about our IPS

sliding seat bracket as a standard on all AZUB recumbents and trikes

Sliding seat bracket
Our new system of saddle
sliding immediately on a frame tube, which is used in all our bikes and trikes represents a further development of our IPS and we are really excited about it. It is really accurate in operation, fast and allows you to adjust your seating position with millimeter accuracy.

In order to facilitate handling, we have placed a guide rail on the frame, which prevents the sleeve from spinning and the angular offset of the seat to the seating plane and pedaling position. The entire bracket is then controlled by two quick releases. The upper one releases the seat, the lower one allows for moving the seat on the frame.

The bracket is made of heavy-duty plastic reinforced with glass fiber and we have been testing it in full operation for many months. The technology we use within its production also guarantees that the frame will remain free of major scratches even in frequent shifting.

F2F - folding trike 
The TRIcon is a folding trike with a folding hinge allowing you to fold the trike into a flat package within about a minute, or even less. The hinge we use is solid, easy to use and quick in operation. 

The trike can be folded in half for transport in a car trunk. You can get a much smaller package by dismounting the rear wheel and folding the rear fork using just one quick release.

If you need to have the trike folded as much as possible, you can also quickly remove the front wheels and you get an amazingly small item. 

For serious travels with your TRIcon trike, we offer a transport bag. This soft suitcase can also be used together with a special trailer for carrying baggage during your journeys. 

folding handlebars of AZUB folding trikes Folding handlebars
It took us hours and hours to develop probably the most solid and best functioning folding handlebars in the recumbent trike world. The folding mechanism with teeth makes it very easy to set the same position of handlebars every times you need to fold the trike and get it ready for a ride again. Left and right side of handlebars stay always perfectly aligned, of course. And all you use for that is just one quick release. 

Another super important feature is that our handlebars won't tilt forward in case of hard braking, which may happen to some other trikes time to time. 

Handlebars are adjustable in angle by twisting them in the stem itself using 2 Allen keys. 

rear fork of AZUB TRIcon trike  Short rear fork for maximum grip and stable cornering
The secret blend of perfect suspension performance and great handling characteristics is hidden in the extremely short rear fork and very solid fork axle. While designing the fork, we had in mind it has to be very short so that the rear wheel is as close as to the seat as possible for maximum grip on roads partly covered by sand or when climbing a steep hill. Not talking about all dirt roads or so. To have the fork and the whole rear part of the frame so short, we had to design a part called fork crown, which is completely CNC machined out of a single piece of aluminum. The crown, onto which the fork legs are welded, is attached to the main frame by a massive axle. The rear shock was placed just under the seat and was partly hidden in the frame in order to keep the rear part of the frame as compact as possible. 

ergonomic position of controlers on AZUB recumbents

The ergonomic positions of shifting systems and brakes

Other manufacturers’ recumbents with under-seat steering are equipped with “bar end” or “grip” shifting systems. From our viewpoint, none of them is satisfactory. Especially in combination with non-ergonomic position of brakes as they don’t allow for a simultaneous use of shifting and braking functions. Furthermore, the grip shifts are being positioned on the little-finger side of a rider’s palm. Riders often complain about having difficulties turning the shifts and not having enough stopping power. It becomes almost “mission impossible” to shift when it is raining.

That is also why we focus so much on the ergonomics of our bikes’ components and on their safe and enjoyable usage. When you are riding AZUB recumbent, your brakes are readily available and your gears where you expect them to be. Also, you can choose for a wide array of components that you’ve been used to on classical MTBs or trekking bikes.

At the end the Dura Ace bar end shifters are a standard in recumbent world and many riders like them and require them. That is why we have them in the offer as well.


high seat adapter for recumbent trikes - seat riser  High seat adapter and adaptive accessories for disabled riders
Seat height of the TRIcon is 31cm/12,5", but we also offer High seat adapter which increases the height by 6cm/2". It makes getting on and off the trike much easier. However, you should be aware of the fact that higher seat decreases the level of stability when going fast through curves. 

We also offer adaptations for disabled riders, such as brake levers and shifters that can be operated by one hand, or our famous push brakes allowing braking to people who cannot operate standard brake levers.  

For those who have hard time to operate even shifters, we offer Di2 electronic shifting from Shimano as a solution.

AZUB TRIcon Standard carrier Carriers
Our standard carrier can carry up to 35kg/77lbs and is designed for carrying two pairs of bags - standard front and rear panniers like the Ortlieb Front and Back-Rollers. However, when you want to fold the trike completely, you need to unscrew the carrier, which takes about a minute and for what you need some tools as well. That is the reason why we have developed the lower carrier which can not only stay on the trike while it is folded ultimately, but which is great also when you do only some light touring, and two small front bags are just OK for you. The thing is that it moves the centre of gravity forward and lower, which improves the stability of the trike significantly. And it also looks nice. 

options for azub recumbents
different cranksets for azub recumbents

Wide range of options and accessories
We offer an unbelivable range of options and accessories. You can choose from basic Shimano Alivio components through Deore, or XT till Rohloff 14 speed hub. Also SRAM Dual Drive gearing or Alfine gear hubs are available. Not talking about a possibility of electronic shifting or even 18 speed Pinion hubs we build upon special request. Almost everything is possible. Then you can choose from endless list of brake options, cranks, forks, shocks, tyres etc. Also BionX electric motors are available. Not talking about all the accessories we offer you and which can be assembled on your bike. If you need help, please, read our Buyer`s guide or contact AZUB dealer or directly us.

tyre options for AZUB recumbents

Tyres are an important part of the bike or trike. With light components, possibly carbon seat and fast Durano tyres, you can have very fast bike, with good rear suspension, XT components and Racing Ralph tyres you can take your trike into demanding terrains. Or you can opt for Marathon Plus for long distance adventures or in case you simply do not want to have any punctures. Those are the reasons why we offer such a wide range of tyres.

production of recumbents in The Czech Republic Production in Czech
At AZUB, we are very proud that an overwhelming majority of production process and assembly of our recumbents take place in the Czech Republic. The rest is done in the neighbouring Slovakia. From the first sketch, continuing with bending of tubes, welding until the last screw screwed up, we produce everything in the heart of Europe!

The production process of all parts of our frames is computerized using the CNC technology, be it for welding of parts for the seat fixation or bending of the frame tube itself. You can appreciate human craftsmanship when looking at the visual aspect of welding on AZUB bikes. Their quality and aesthetics are incomparably better than the ones of frames produced in Taiwan or in mainland China.

The assembly of our recumbents takes place at the AZUB headquarters. It is undertaken by experienced mechanics who’ve been building up recumbents for almost a decade. Each bike  is carefully set up according to the height and weight of its future owner and tested prior to shipping. Therefore, when ordering an AZUB bike you can be sure that the bike you’re getting is perfect.

See our production video here.

Do you look for even more information about the TRIcon? Read our blog where you can find pictures, stories, explanations, tips and tricks and inspiration as well.
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WHEELS: 20/20/20"
STEERING: indirect

FRAME: Hand welded in Czech, ALU
WELD: TIG method
REAR FORK: suspended with proper shock absorber
SEAT: ALU, mesh cover with pasive suspension, unisize
OVERALL HEIGHT: 700 mm - 820 mm (depends on seat position)
OVERALL LENGTH: 1850 mm - 2100 mm (depends on boom position)
WHEEL BASE: 1170 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE: 110 mm (30% SAG, 1,5" tyres)
SEAT BOTTOM HEIGHT: 270 mm - 300 mm (30% SAG, depends on seat position)
SEAT ANGLE ADJUST: 34 - 52 degrees
BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT: 390 mm - 440 mm (30% SAG, depends on boom position)
OVERALL WEIGHT: depending on components and accessories
HALF FOLDED WIDTH: 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
EXTEREME FOLDING: 790 x 650 x 340mm (without front boom 610 x 650 x 340mm)


orangeorange RAL 2004 light bluelight blue RAL 5012 redred RAL 3000 light greenlight green RAL 6018
stone greystone grey 7030 blackblack RAL 9005 whitewhite RAL 9003 yellowyellow RAL 1021
You can enjoy a choice of several charge-free colors, multi-level components, countless extra equipment, including disc brakes and a wide range of accessories. Or you can go to our new Color Shop and choose the color combination of the bike to fit your needs.

For complete specifications and prices go to the download section of this site
. (hugues)25.07.2016

je suis intéressé par le tricon
je voulais savoir si on peux faire un multi usage rouler normalement roue et pneu route voyage et en hiver monter des roues de fat Bike?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Traduit par google

nous ne pouvons pas le faire pour le Tricon. Nous pourrions être en mesure de le faire pour la FAT et le livrer avec des roues ordinaires 26" de tout autour. Mais avec le TRIcoan nous ne pouvons pas faire comme la fourche arrière est pas assez large pour les pneus de graisse. Je suis désolé.

Honza de AZUB (Steve)23.07.2016
I have a TriCon 20 inch folding trike. I am getting some numb toes and have read that one problem may be a bottom bracket that is too high. Is there a way to adjust that?

Answer by AZUB BIKE:
there might be a solution in high seat adapter which will increase the height of the seat and so decrease the height of the bottom bracket.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us again.
Honza Galla from AZUB (James Emmerson)10.11.2015
We love your trikes! What is the recommended alignment for the front wheels? Neutral, toe-in, or toe-out?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello James, thank you! Our trikes are designed to work best with neutral wheel alignment. 1 or 2mm toe in is also OK. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Duncan Stone)07.10.2015
Last winter you offered an off-season discount. Do you intend to do the same for the winter of 15/16? If so,when would it begin, and would it apply to the Tricon?

It's very tempting!
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Duncan, thank you for your interest in our trikes. The winter discount has already begun and will last until the 31th of January 2016. It applies to all bikes, trikes and complete frame sets ordered during the off-season. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Duncan Stone)06.10.2015
Could you explain the different cost options for the folding mechanisms? The price list only has a separable frame as standard, with main frame hinge as substantial extra cost.What does separable frame mean?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:

Standard option of separable frame means, that frame is joined with four screws and handlebars are not foldable. You can live with this version if you plan to fold the trike maybe once, twice a year, because it takes about 10 minutes to unscrew frame and release handlebars. Reverse operation will take similar time and you need to adjust angle of handlebar.

If you are planning to fold trike frequently, ideal solution is choose main frame hinge + folding handlebars option, so folding of trike will be much easier. The folding mechanism of handlebars with teeth makes it very easy to set the same position of handlebars every times you need to fold the trike and get it ready for a ride again. Left and right side of handlebars stay always perfectly aligned, of course. And all you use for that is just one quick release.

You can even buy main frame hinge separately and add it to separable frame. You will need to release and adjust handlebars every time when folding, which is little tricky, of course. Best regards Patrik Ištok - Azub bike (Nicolas)24.09.2014

is it possible to get this version of trike with Alfine 11 by Shimano, the rear der seems to be really closed to nthe ground..
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Nicolas,

The TRIcon can be equipped with many different gear hubs. Shimano Aline 8, Shimano Alfine 11, Rohloff, and Sram DualDrive3 are the standard options. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Nicolas)24.09.2014

is it possible to get this version of trike with Alfine 11 by Shimano, the rear der seems to be really closed to nthe ground..
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
thus us not a problem at all. See our download section for price list. You will find a price of the TRIcon with Alfine 11. We build it quite often even with electronic Di2 shifting.
All the best,
Honza Galla (Jay)09.08.2014
Which of the Azub bags work with the Tricon?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
In fact all of them except the Lowracer bag would fit on the Standard carrier. The Lower carrier is designed for the common front bicycle bags like Ortlieb Front-Rollers or so.
Honza Galla (Jay Hargis)04.08.2014
About to purchase at Bent Up Cycles in Los Angeles...

What is the size of the TRIcon folded both easy and extreme folded?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Jay, thank you for your interest in our trikes. Dimensions of the folded TRIcon are as follows : Easy folding - 113x83x50 cm, without front wheels - 113x71x45, extreme folding - 85x71x34, without front boom and cranks - 61x71x34. Please, see also the TRIcon picture gallery. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Dennis)11.07.2014
Can you email me more specs on the Trikes such as turning radius and ground clearance. Thank you.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
ground clearance is 12 cm when unloaded and the turning circle would be around 5,8 meters. It depends a lot on adjustment of the seat and type of the seat. However experience of many riders is that the turing circle is not that important as it seems at first sight. Just in case you really know why you need it as small as possible. Radius is than 2,9 meters, of course.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla
AZUB BIKE (greg)17.06.2014
what would the tricon trike cost with disc brakes us
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Greg, thank you for your interest in our trikes. You will find the current pricelists with all options and accessories in the download section of our website. Best regards, Milan Ctvrtnik
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