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Read about all the news we have prepared for 2015 and see our price list. We will offer our trikes with 26" rear wheel, with new hinge and better components.
2015 mainly trike news
We will come to US at the beginning of next month and will bring large selection of our bikes and trikes for testing. Come to Chicago to visit the RCC and test ride our bikes.
Invitation to Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago in October 10-12, 2014
We would like to invite you to visit our presentation during SPEZI where we will have three stands where you can not only see, but also test ride our bikes and trikes.
Invitation to SPEZI
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Just like our bikes, we build our trikes with the focus on great handling, superb functionality and durability. Our three models have basically the same steering properties because the front half is the same. We use only indirect steering which offers a short turning circle and very good handling, not only at slow speeds but also when you go incredibly fast.

Our mesh seats have
a very good level of comfort because of their ergonomic shape and passive suspension provided by rubber strings which tightens the seat webbing.

Our basic model is the AZUBaTRIKE, second is the T-Tris a folding trike and the third is our AZUB TRIcon a ultrafolding rear suspended recumbent trike model with many small technical details which make it one of the best handling trikes ever.

"This is Azub’s top of the line three wheeler and it has blown people away with it’s easy fold, super stiff chassis and superb handling. I’ve heard at least three recumbent dealers and/or dealer employees call it “the best handing trike I’ve ever ridden.”
Bryan Ball,



AZUB T-Tris - folding trike

AZUB aTRIKE   AZUB T-Tris - folding trike
Wheels: 20/20/20
Frame: ALU:
Wheels: 20/20/20
Frame: ALU

AZUB TRIcon - folding trike

AZUB TRIcon - folding trike  
Wheels: 20/20/20
Frame: ALU


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