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We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany. From 29.4. to 30.4..
SPEZI 2017
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally is an annual event. A weekend of riding, socializing, eating, learning, and just plain having fun. AZUB team will be there! See more.
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally 2017
AZUB Ti-FLY is the trike of the year and it is also thanks to your votes. We have to thank you very much. It is an amazing satisfaction for us and we are even more proud of it because we feel your support!
Ti-Fly is the Trike of the year 2016
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AZUB expeditions

We would not be able to attain the high quality of our recumbents without their on-going and demanding testing. Long-haul trips such as round-the-world expeditions put the mechanics, the parts and the components of our recumbents under strenuous pressure on roads full of potholes and on which specialized workshops are virtually non-existent. We are proud to have built an informal AZUB testing team composed of individuals who’ve ridden on our bikes across a few countries of the world. One of them is riding his AZUB recumbent to go to work everyday!

Have a look at our AZUB testing team!

Thanks to their experience we continue to improve functionality and lifetime of our recumbents.

In 2004, we designed and built a tandem recumbent that has since rode through quite a few countries, e.g. Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Greece. Thanks to the heavy load it had to support on these long haul trips (weight of two adults, full equipment in travel bags fixed on the rear carrier and on the trailer), we’ve been able to efficiently test components and technical solutions that we today happily use on single recumbents, e.g. double wall alloy rims REMERX or rear shocks DNM. Give us a call if you’re looking for a special recumbent for your next expedition. We’ll do our best to help YOU …INDIVIDUALLY!!!


Currently on the road:

German travel book author Thomas Bauer was born in Stuttgart and worked in Paris, Sydney and Munich. His adventures include circling France on a bike from the post office, driving by rickshaw from Laos through Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia to Singapur, following the Danube river in a kayak all the way to the Black Sea, crossing Europe by foot and finding one of the last snow leopards in Northern India.

Right now, Thomas is on his way through Turkey on a AZUB TRIcon. He has started his trip in Izmir and tries to follow the Mediterranean coastline, passing cities like Antalya and Anamur, before crossing the country towards the North. His destination will be Trabzon, which is situated in the Northeast of Turkey, at the shore of the Black Sea.

And he is surely going to publish a travel book describing what he have found on his way throughout the country …

More information (in German) can be found on his website:
Angélique and Vincent will start their expedition in September 2012 and suppose to spend around 15 months travelling in Central Asia and South America. They would like to teach pupils not only in France but also in countries where they will travel how to live a sustainable life. See their progress on their blog.(FR)
   travelling by recumbent bike in Turkey, Iran, India, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand Julie&Pierre started from France and went through all Europe, Turkey, Iran, Dubai, India, Malaysia and currently they are in Thailand. An amazing journey on AZUB Ibex and AZUB Apus recumbents.

gallery 1

gallery 2
  travelling by recumbent bike in South America Remy and Angelique are in South America now. Travelling by bikes, hiking and exploring waste countries there like Argentina, Peru, Chile or Bolivia. They have two recumbents AZUB 5. More about their journey can be found here. (FR)
  travelling cycling around Australia by recumbent bike AZUB MAX
Igor is on his way around all Australia. His main reason for such expedition is to quit the life in Sydney for a while and to learn more about permaculture. See his blog here.(EN)
Christoph and Clara - The Sunbikers Started their journey with couple of friends in Germany and are heading east. Currently in Turkey.See their blog here.

Preparing for the new adventure:

  Eliska and Honza Galla - two recumbent travelers Honza Galla is our marketing manager and together with his wife Eliska they has already traveled across many european countries using either solo AZUB recumbents or a prototype of AZUB recumbent tandem. Their most interesting journeys were in Himalayas, Israeli Negev Desert, Albania, Kosova, Ukraine, Romania, Greece etc. They also participated on the Hamé Nordkap-Gibraltar non-stop recumbent ride  or Solar Tour - an exploring tour with 8 meters long recumbent tandem through Europe.

Honza has always a new plan and even more dreams in his head so follow his web for more informations (EN/CZ)

Elsa and Ewan will start their world tour in May 2013. They will use two recumbents AZUB 5. You can follow their preparations on

Back home:

  Marc is going to cycle from France to Armenia in starting Summer 2012. He would like to earn money for charity by his ride. Marc's blog with many interesting previous adventures is here.(FR)
  crossing canada by recumbent trike AZUB ECO trike Zbyszek is crossing Canada on our AZUB ECO trike. His blog can be found here.(EN)
  cycling in Mexico with Recumbent bikes Radim and Nadya spent their honeymoon in Mexico . What a beautiful trip. They used AZUB 5 and AZUB Apus as a "just married" vehicles. Their Four Itchy Feet Blog is here.(EN)
Gavin cycled from Frnace via UK, all Europe to Turkey, Iran, Dubai, and India. He is a traveling artist and he not only wrote nice stories, but also draw nice pictures. See his blog.(EN)
  travelling here and there on recumbent bikes Melanie and Fabien are zigg zagging the world based on their feelings. They have their AZUB 5 recumbent bikes with them most of the time. Currently in New Zealand.

Melanie's blog
Fabien's blog(FR)
  marija kozin Marija Kozin traveled by bike alone from Skofja Loka in Slovenia to Beijing in China. There she had decide that she want to go back using a recumbent. Her choice was AZUB 5. She managed to cycle all those 17.000 km back on this bike without some serious troubles. You can read more about her journey on our recumbent blog here. (EN)
  Bike trip online - helps a Fight Against Aids Munich Gard Alexader Branderburger cycled from Canada to Mexiko in 2007 and 2008 and helps the Fight Against Aids Association in Munich.
Read more on (EN/DE) 
  Xavier Julien and his AZUB Max in front of Bosnia and Hercegovina border Xavier Julien from France was confronted with cancer in 2003 and 2004. To show to others that the life continues even after such sickness he is on the way from France to South Korea now. Follow his story on his web page here.(FR)
  from South Korea to Europe by recumbent bike  This guy from South Korea is on the way to Europe now. Most of us probably cannot read his blog but the pictures are simply great. Mabye he will meet Xavier in oposite direction :-) Look at his blog.
  brona and his AZUB ECO trike on Iceland  Brona Nagel is 64 years old retired man who has been on Iceland twice already. Last time in 2009 he tested the new AZUB ECO trike and during the whole journey he cycled more than 5000 km. For more pictures let´s have a look on our blog.


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