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We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany. From 29.4. to 30.4..
SPEZI 2017
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally is an annual event. A weekend of riding, socializing, eating, learning, and just plain having fun. AZUB team will be there! See more.
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally 2017
AZUB Ti-FLY is the trike of the year and it is also thanks to your votes. We have to thank you very much. It is an amazing satisfaction for us and we are even more proud of it because we feel your support!
Ti-Fly is the Trike of the year 2016
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Recumbent - an astonishing break through in biking

The feeling you get when you're on a bike is something you cannot describe - you have to experience it. A unity with the engine, a great feeling of independence and the choice of where to go - these are just some of the reasons why bikes have become an essential part of a modern life style.

We focus on producing bikes that give you the maximum joy of biking without any health problems afterwards. Completely comfortable with minimum exertion.

After finishing their ride, normal cyclists drop their bike with sore bums and backs and stumble back home, while users of the recumbents look at their behaviour as fun, smiling in the comfortable seats of their engines.

Discover the beauty and convenience of recumbents and enjoy your trips as much as possible.

Recumbent comfort    

Many cyclists are considering buying a recumbent as they have become tired from bending down and taking up uncomfortable positions on normal bikes. The usual complaints on normal bikes are sore back, wrist or neck and of course, saddle sore. Long-term experience and scientific research confirm that an unnatural position and a narrow seat can cause pins and needles in fingers but it can also cause impotence.

The construction of Azub recumbents is made to adjust to cyclists, not the other way around.

Every recumbent user can give you many reasons why a recumbent provides a great experience. Most of them even agree on the following advantages.

* There is an ergonomic seat on a recumbent with a full leaning of your back and your weight is spread equally compared to a standard small seat of a normal bike; there is no good reason to sit on a bike as comfortable as a railing.
* The position you're taking up doesn't cause any pressure on your wrists, your arms are naturally alongside your body and your hands hold the handle bars in a natural position.
* Your head isn't inclined unnaturally so you won't have a sore neck that really does bother many cyclist on normal bikes.
* The position on a recumbent enables you a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Aerodynamics of recumbent    

The extent of the aerodynamic resistance is largely based on the size of the frontage. On a usual bike it is possible to achieve lower air resistance by bending forward that makes your spine and crotch suffer. At the same time the stress on your arms and hands is increasing and there is no relief for your neck muscles either as they have to cope with a bigger backward bend of your head.

The frontage and also the aerodynamic resistance are much smaller on a recumbent, all given by the horizontal position of the cyclist. The principle of the recumbent user is cleaving the air with his legs and the air can flow around continuously. The already great aerodynamics can be made even better with a windshield - a transparent plastic aerodynamic shield. Not only does it improve the air flow, it makes your journey more comfortable as well.

In the pictures, you can see cyclists in their positions sitting on different types of bikes. You can compare their frontage with the position on a recumbent.

AZUB recumbent ideal position system   

IPS - Ideal Position System
If you feel inspired by recumbents just as we are you will definitely feel you need to share them with your relatives, friends and people you know and show it off to all admirers of your engine. But what if they are 20 cm smaller or taller than you are? That's why we have developed a system how to adjust the frame, seat and other parameters to the user. We call it IPS, i.e. Ideal Position System.

The most important thing is the position of the seat that can be changed without any tools, just with two clamping devices. This adjustment enables a change in lenght up to 13 cm and hight up to 6 cm. Other parameters that can be changed are following:

    * seat slope (17°)
    * front boom (200 mm)
    * you can use under seat steering or above seat steering
    * the handle-bars can be set up to get the best position
    * the radius of turning can be set up (when using the under seat steering)

Using all these possibilities, it's not only you who can enjoy your recumbent but even your child or friend even a basketball player as well. To have an adjustable seat provides you with many advantages even if you don't share your bike with anyone. Beginners usually start with a steeper position and after gaining experience they allow themselves to lay down more and more. Everything can be changed without any tools just with the clamping devices anywhere on your journey.


Our recumbents are made in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with the best professionals, whose technologies are state-of-the-art. Using local production we are able to check on the quality of every single piece. We do not depend on any production from Asia so that we can implement every new improvement on the spot.

If you buy an AZUB recumbent, you can be sure you're always getting the best we have produced and tested yet.
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