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We will come to US at the beginning of next month and will bring large selection of our bikes and trikes for testing. Come to Chicago to visit the RCC and test ride our bikes.
Invitation to Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago in October 10-12, 2014
We would like to invite you to visit our presentation during SPEZI where we will have three stands where you can not only see, but also test ride our bikes and trikes.
Invitation to SPEZI
New price list for 2014 will be valid from March 2014.
Price list 2014
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About AZUB and people around it

Aleš Zemánek

is the company’s founder, owner, designer, engineer etc. Simply the soul of the whole AZUB. It is this shaved head we need to thank for mustering up the courage to start a business as unexplored as recumbents are.

Honza Galla

 is responsible for all your orders, web site, blogs, twitters, YouTube and other modern means of communication with customers. He himself tests recumbent bikes during his long journeys.

La?a Zemánek

was the first employee of AZUB. He took over the assembly from his youngest brother and now he handles the logistics of production.

Libor Zemánek

 is a trike specialist, but he can build anything to lie on. You can bribe him with a Coke, pizza or fried cheese.

Miro Ozimý

 takes care of the Czech and Slovak customers. He has built himself several recumbents and trikes in recent years.

La?a Koní?ek

was a racer on conventional bikes.  He will manage to assemble the impossible while you wait, and do miracles in three days.

Ver?a Karlíková

is the only lady in the wolf's lair. She takes care of  all the necessary paper work.

Tomáš Gayer

is our designer who already drew bikes when he was a little kid. With AZUB he is fulfilling his dream of developing functional and comfy HPV.

Patrik Zemánek

occasionally appears in the company, makes a lot of work and then
disappears to study again.

Bro?a Nágel

is a living mascot of AZUB, as well as a contented pensioner and a great test driver of our new AZUB trike.


Azub Bike Company was officially founded by Ales Zemanek in 2000. The beginnings of the company are very well described in an interview with Ales, which was run by an enthusiastic recumbent-biker and designer Eva Navratilova.

Why did you choose to name your company AZUB?
Several reasons: Ales Zemanek Uhersky Brod – that was originally the main reason. Looking back, the biggest advantage of the name is its uniqueness. It has no meaning, it is simple to pronounce in other languages and short...

When (and where) did you see the first recumbent bike?
In 1997, when I was on holiday in Norway. It was just a moment, a second or two ... something strange drove past our bus at such a speed, that my natural initial thoughts that it may have been the rover for the disabled were gone immediately. This was enough for the creation of AZUB. By coincidence a review of the Radius recumbent bike was published in the magazine Peloton sometime in the autumn of that year. It became my second Bible for several months.

When did you assemble your first recumbent bike?
The only common ground for my dream about having my own recumbent bike and the reality was the little knowledge from a photograph in the mentioned article. The fork was entitled Kangaroo and those were made in Prague. I managed to contact the founder of the Kangaroo Company and he advised me that a certain Mr. Nakládal of Brno has made several recumbents. Mr. Nakládal and Brno were the only information I had. I called several people of the name Nakládal that I had found in the Yellow Pages and it worked. We agreed to a visit in a couple of days, I rode the first meters on the recumbent bicycle, brought proposals for changes in its structure and within a month I was bringing a frame home. It did not remain in its original state for very long, saw-welding system worked reliably and I gradually began to discover the secrets of recumbent design. Then there was the satisfaction of the result achieved, the bike worked, but then it was not such a strong bond yet. I spent all my time travelling (without the bike) and working extra to compensate the time I spent on the road.

Around the end of 1999, I got down to construction of my first truly customized recumbent, with the idea of its future commercial production. It became a true forerunner of the present AZUB recumbent bikes. In spring 2001 the first three AZUB recumbent bikes left the company to serve the customers.

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