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We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany. From 29.4. to 30.4..
SPEZI 2017
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally is an annual event. A weekend of riding, socializing, eating, learning, and just plain having fun. AZUB team will be there! See more.
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally 2017
AZUB Ti-FLY is the trike of the year and it is also thanks to your votes. We have to thank you very much. It is an amazing satisfaction for us and we are even more proud of it because we feel your support!
Ti-Fly is the Trike of the year 2016
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AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem

AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem  
AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem
AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem
AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem
AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem
AZUB TWIN - recumbent tandem
Wheels: 20/26
Frame: ALU

We made the first AZUB tandem sometime in 2004. The main reason was testing technical solutions under extreme loads. With a fully loaded tandem our marketing manager Honza and his wife Eliška travelled Romania and Ukraine; they also went to Greece and many other countries. Other testers were Philippe and his ten-year-old son Thomas, who travelled with a tandem bike from the Atlantic Ocean down the Eurovelo 6 path to our town of Uhersky Brod.

After many years, we returned to the tandem project once again and using all our experience constructed a durable tandem ready to set off both for short trips in neighborhood or around the world. The frame is welded from 60 mm pipes which allows for an overwhelming toughness. Even the rear fork is extremely strong being, which is equipped with a pair of shock absorbers.

The great advantage of the entire frame is its foldability, or even dismountability if you need to travel for example on planes with the bike. Two folding mechanisms have been developed specifically for tandem bicycles and have been used successfully for many years ..

Adjusting of the seat is ensured by a newly developed sliding seat bracket which allows precise, fast and easy positioning of the seat. The back rider can comfortably sit up, even if as tall as 185 cm, while in the front seat the height is virtually unlimited. Within the individual manufacture of frame, we are able to intervene into the overall design and create a bike to fit your needs precisely.

It is just Honza who has most experience with the tandems in our team, who has not only tested our AZUB TWIN, but had ridden the upright tandem and even had been the manager of the Czech National Blind Cycling Team. Read more about his experience and travels on our blog and his personal web page.

Let´s have a look at pictures of AZUB TWIN riders on our

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Seat heights:  67 / 55 cm (26,4 / 21,7")
Bottom bracket heights: 69 /49 cm (27,2 / 19,3") - The front height depends on lenght of front boom (mentioned size is average)
Weight: about 30 kg /  66lb - Can vary a lot depending on accessories and components
Lenght: 303 cm / 117,1" - Can be shorter for shorter stoker. Also depends on the front boom lenght.
Front part lenght: 145 cm /  57,1" - Depending on the front boom lenght.
Rear part lenght: 158 cm /  62"
Height: 127 cm / 50"
Smallest folded frame size about: 130 x 56 x 38 cm / 51,2 x 22 x 15" - No wheels, no accessories, no seats assembled.

captain height: from 165 to 210 cm (from 5'3" to 7')
stoker height: from 145 to 210 cm (from 4'7" to 7')


orangeorange RAL 2004 light bluelight blue RAL 5012 redred RAL 3000 light greenlight green RAL 6018
stone greystone grey 7030 blackblack RAL 9005 whitewhite RAL 9003 yellowyellow RAL 1021

The basic components sets are broadly consistent with other bikes in our series, but due to long-term testing and experience with tandems we can recommend a variety of combinations that will just fit your needs. In principle we avoid using components for which the manufacturer has already banned their use of tandem bikes. Those include for example SRAM Dual Drive. (Robert Wand)03.02.2017
Does this tandem have Independent Pedaling?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Robert,

thank you to contact us about our Twin tandem. Unfortunately we don't have independent pedaling in our options.

Do you have a interest about our Twin anyway? Can I help you with something else?

Have a nice day
Mira (Storie Mooser)23.01.2015
Please supply specifications (manufacturer, dimensions, etc.) for rear the rear crank-bottom bracket; we're needing to replace bearings.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Storie, the producer is Kinex I believe and the width of bottom bracket is 137mm though. But I would recommend to bring it to your favorite bicycle service and they will disassemble cranks and the bottom bracket and will see what is there. It is a standard square BB so it should not be a problem to change it. (Kind is no longer produced)

Bets regards,
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