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AZUB MAX - recumbent bike

AZUB MAX - recumbent bike  
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
AZUB MAX - recumbent bike
Wheeels: 26/26 or 24/24
Frame: ALU
Steering: ASS, USS or OC
360 degree view of a recumbent

wheel size 26/26 incheswheel size 24/24 inches

Max is the true culmination of our production team's long-term design and manufacturing experience. The result of this persistent evolution is a unique recumbent that combines unparalleled handling characteristics with minimized rolling resistance and other advantages of a larger front wheel.

Due to this cutting edge frame geometry, both the Max and lbex recumbent models have been engineered specifically to utilize two 26" (or 24") wheels. This pinnacle design also makes our models compatible with nearly all standard mountain bike components available on the market today. Our approach allows customers the freedom to choose their own preferred parts, such as front suspension forks (with recommended travel 80mm) or even specialty derailleur systems. Please feel free to contact us directly, as our experienced team will strive to assemble a bike that will meet your exact project requirements.

Features of the Azub Max include:

Asymetrical rear fork
The design of our asymmetric rear fork we presented at SPEZI 2007 astonished not only recumbent bike riders but also professionals. It is not a gadget for a mere showing of! You can experience the functionality of its original shape and of its unique fit into AZUB frames on Mini, SIX and MAX.

The radius of this asymmetric rear fork inserting gives plenty of space to the movable chain pulley which eliminates the so-called pogo effect (lateral swinging of a recumbent bike when pedalling rhythmically or using force) and substantially improves the smoothness of a chain circulation. The equilibrium and qualities of the whole construction are assured by the radius of rear shock inserting in the opposite direction.

The whole rear fork is made of specially designed thin-wall tubes AL 7020. It gives it two essential qualities that you are looking for: stiffness and extremely light weight. The interchangeable rear derailluer hanger of the gear system has become a standard feature of all AZUB models.


moving idler on recumbents
Movable idler
We’ve eliminated the “pogo effect” by placing chain pulley on Top Line models. Furthermore it is positioned on the axis made of a high quality stainless steel allowing the chain to swing smoothly from the left to the right according to the set up gear. This technical solution lengthens the chain’s lifetime and decreases a resistance that occurred on the fixed positioning of the axis.

super over sized recumbent frame Super-oversized main frame tube
AZUB frames are recognisable by their central frame tube that carries fixations of all major elements, be it the head tube with the front fork, the seat, the rear fork bracket or the luggage racks. This solution not only gives our bikes a maximal stiffness and solidity, hence stable riding behaviour but also an important carriage capacity of its back carrier. You will utmost appreciate our technical solution when fully loaded with several bags behind you as their weight will not influence the riding performance of your recumbent.

ideal position system of azub recumbents IPS - Ideal Position System
This system has made AZUB famous since the brand’s foundation in 2000. It allows riders to find the right position on their AZUB recumbent through a wide range of adjustable seat positions, through the possibility of adjustment their under-seat or upper-seat steering and last but not least, through the possibility of setting the ideal frame length.

Read more about our IPS

sliding seat bracket

Sliding seat bracket
Our new system of saddle
sliding immediately on a frame tube, which is used in all our bikes and trikes represents a further development of our IPS and we are really excited about it. It is really accurate in operation, fast and allows you to adjust your seating position with millimeter accuracy.

In order to facilitate handling, we have placed a guide rail on the frame, which prevents the sleeve from spinning and the angular offset of the seat to the seating plane and pedaling position. The entire bracket is then controlled by two quick releases. The upper one releases the seat, the lower one allows for moving the seat on the frame.

The bracket is made of heavy-duty plastic reinforced with glass fiber and we have been testing it in full operation for many months. The technology we use within its production also guarantees that the frame will remain free of major scratches even in frequent shifting.

 above seat steering foir azub recumbents - ASS
under seat steering for recumbents - uss
open cocpit steering - OC for recumbents

3 types of steering
You can choose from three different styles of steering. It is either the ASS - above seat steering (or as called in US the over seat steering) or the USS – under seat steering or the OC – open cocpit (or as is called superman position, or in Germany „Udf“. Read more about those three types of steering, their advantage and disadvantage in our Buyer`s guide.


24 or 26 inch wheels for recumbents

26“ or 24“ wheels
It is fair to mention that the MAX is not really a bike for smaller riders. The seat bottom height is simply quite high especially with front suspension fork. It makes it difficult to get on and off the bike and also riding in some more difficult conditions makes often problems. We offer 24“ wheels in MAX so the seat bottom height is lower and this bike can be easily used by people below 175 cm. If you are not sure which size to choose, contact our AZUB dealer or directly us.

options for azub recumbents
different cranksets for azub recumbents

Wide range of options and accessories
We offer an unbelivable range of options and accessories. You can choose from basic Shimano Alivio components through Deore, or XT till Rohloff 14 speed hub. Also SRAM Dual Drive gearing or Alfine gear hubs are available. Not talking about a possibility of electronica shifting or even 18 speed Pinion hubs we build upon special request. Almost everything is possible. Then you can choose from endless list of brake options, cranks, forks, shocks, tyres etc. Also BionX electric motors are available. Not talking about all the accessories we offer you and which can be assembled on your bike. If you need help, please, read our Buyer`s guide or contact AZUB dealer or directly us.

tyre options for AZUB recumbents

Tyres are an important part of the bike or trike. With light components, possibly carbon seat and fast Durano tyres, you can have very fast bike, with front suspension, XT components and Racing Ralph tyres you can ride on a serious recumbent mountain bike. Or you can opt for Marathon Plus for long distance adventures or in case you simply do not want to have any punctures. Those are the reasons why we offer such a wide range of tyres.

all different carriers on attached on AZUB recumbent

AZUB recumbents are not only perfect for every day use, shorter or longer one day trips, but also for multi-day adventures which often require a lot of equipment and therefor luggage. We have developed a system of carriers which can carry up to six pairs of side bags like Ortlieb Front or Back-Rollers, but we think the best way is to use just four of them but have them on attached on our Expedition extension and Super expedition carrier. That way, you get them as low as possible with what lower the center of gravity significantly and make the ride far more stable. We are pretty proud of this set of carriers.

production of recumbents in The Czech Republic Production in Czech
At AZUB, we are very proud that an overwhelming majority of production process and assembly of our recumbents take place in the Czech Republic. The rest is done in the neighbouring Slovakia. From the first sketch, continuing with bending of tubes, welding until the last screw screwed up, we produce everything in the heart of Europe!

The production process of all parts of our frames is computerized using the CNC technology, be it for welding of parts for the seat fixation or bending of the frame tube itself. You can appreciate human craftsmanship when looking at the visual aspect of welding on AZUB bikes. Their quality and aesthetics are incomparably better than the ones of frames produced in Taiwan or in mainland China.

The assembly of our recumbents takes place at the AZUB headquarters. It is undertaken by experienced mechanics who’ve been building up recumbents for almost a decade. Each bike  is carefully set up according to the height and weight of its future owner and tested prior to shipping. Therefore, when ordering an AZUB bike you can be sure that the bike you’re getting is perfect.

See our production video here.

ergonomic position of controlers on AZUB recumbents

The ergonomic positions of shifting systems and brakes (USS)

Other manufacturers’ recumbents with under-seat steering are equipped with “bar end” or “grip” shifting systems. From our viewpoint, none of them is satisfactory. Especially in combination with non-ergonomic position of brakes as they don’t allow for a simultaneous use of shifting and braking functions. Furthermore, the grip shifts are being positioned on the little-finger side of a rider’s palm. Riders often complain about having difficulties turning the shifts and not having enough stopping power. It becomes almost “mission impossible” to shift when it is raining.

That is also why we focus so much on the ergonomics of our bikes’ components and on their safe and enjoyable usage. When you are riding AZUB recumbent, your brakes are readily available and your gears where you expect them to be. Also, you can choose for a wide array of components that you’ve been used to on classical MTBs or trekking bikes.

At the end the Dura Ace bar end shifters are a standard in recumbent world and many riders like them and require them. That is why we have them in the offer as well.


 secure system of the uss

The security system (USS)
All models with under-seat steering are equipped with a technical system that lowers the risk of damaging handlebars in case of falling. The handlebars are connected to the USS steering axis through a special slipping system that allows for their turning in case of an extreme situation such as a fall from a bike. Thanks to this innovation, the handlebars turn inwards and don’t get damaged.

This system also allows you to set the most comfortable distance of the handlebars from the steering axis (about 2 cm) Therefore, it is a part of our IPS.


 under seat steering and its sensitivnes

Indirect under-seat steering
All our recumbents can be equipped with under-seat steering (USS). From the very beginning of AZUB, we use the indirect steering or so called linkage system. It results in great maneuverability, tight turning circles, quicker response, and more comfortable riding position as well as better riding experience as the front fork is not too close to the seat. Another advantage of our system is the possibility of steering sensitivity adjustment. It is determined for experienced recumbent riders who can adjust how much the front wheel turn by turning the handlebar.


Do you look for even more information about the MAX? Read our blog where you can find pictures, stories, explanations, tips and tricks and inspiration as well.

Read review of AZUB MAX at world known
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  • Q and A
STEERING: above or under seat steering (ASS or USS) or an open concpit
suspensioned, ALU
rigid or suspensioned
TIG method
composite or carbon-kevlar, size M, L and XL
standart 50 mm
SEAT ANGLE (to road):
lenght 130 mm, height 60 mm, angle 17°
(everything by two quick releases within couple of seconds)
lenght 200 mm (by adjusting of the boom)
26"/26“ or 24“/24“
1040 mm
min 170 cm (same as standard bike)
min 120 cm
min 65 cm (24“ - 62 cm)
min 77 cm (24“ - 74 cm)
USS 65 cm, ASS 45 cm
different lenghts and angles
PA tube (almost no friction)
around 16 kg (according to the type)
MAX. LOAD: 125 kg


orangeorange RAL 2004 light bluelight blue RAL 5012 redred RAL 3000 light greenlight green RAL 6018
stone greystone grey 7030 blackblack RAL 9005 whitewhite RAL 9003 yellowyellow RAL 1021
Wide range of options, accessories, colors etc. Just look into our buyer's guide here.

feel free to ask, if you have any question

My status (Daniel)13.07.2016
Hi, I'm thinking about buying a Max 26/26 frame set.
Can I use 120 mm travel front fork?
Can I get a proper setting for get the same travel in the back,without having disadvantages in handling.
I'm 184cm high, my inseam lenght is 86 cm.

Thank You for the answers.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
front fork with 120mm travel would make the bike way too high. We strongly recommend to use 80mm maximum, but some people use 100mm and do not suffer much. In our eyes even 100mm travel of the front fork is too much. With 184cm you are quite tall, but if you plan to ride in terrain you have to be as low as possible on the bike. So at the end, you cannot use 120mm travel and there is no way to adjust the rear part as it is designed only for 160mm shocks.

All the best,
Honza (Oliver Born)27.06.2016
Hi, I'm interested in the Model Max 26/26.
I drive currently a Tout Terrain Panamericana with a Maverick SC 32 Touring fork with 90 mm travel at an installation height of about 495 mm.
I am 182 cm tall, my inseam is 89 cm and weigh 135 kg.
I want to take as many as possible from the Components Panamericana, I want to know if this bike is "mobile" with this fork and suitable for me
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
the main problem is that the weight limit of the bike is 125 kg so you are just by yourself 10kg over that. 495mm is quite a lot as we use 460maximum, but your inseam is also pretty long. Well, you would probably fit. The bike would be definitely mobile, but we always prefer lower bikes especially for longer travels.

All the best,
Honza (Dave King)10.05.2016
I am retiring this year and will finally have the time to do some long distance bicycle touring.

So, I need a touring recumbent. I plan to tour across the U.S.A fully loaded and want the best bike that you can build. I\'d like to have a bionx for support on hills or headwinds, and a pinion gear system, fully outfitted for loaded touring. Can you build it and what model would be best for loaded touring? I am 5\'10\'\' tall.
kind regards
Dave King
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Dave,
we have very nice article about the best touring bike here:

For cross-USA road trip it might be worth going for Deore 9 speed components and possibly also disc brakes if you like them. BionX is a bit tricky as the EU version is slower than the US version so you would need to find a recumbent dealer who sells BionXes or first buy the bike and later install the motor into it. We can provide the L-shaped plate which holds the battery on the side of the carrier.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us via e-mail.
All the best!
Honza from AZUB (Frederik vom Hofe)06.05.2016
How exactly is the "clamp" connected, that connects the front fork with the steering rod?
Is it just clamped before the crown race gets pressed onto the steerer?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Frederik, exactly as you have said. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Jeffrey)07.10.2015
I will be purchasing an Ibex Max framekit shortly to assemble here in US. Will a front suspended fork with 100mm travel work? Hard to find 80 mm fork with V-brakes, which I prefer. Thank you.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Azub Ibex will work with 100 mm front fork, but bottom bracket will be too high and there will be significant changes in steering geometry, therefore we strongly recommend front fort with 80 mm travel range.
We can deliver frame kit with two option of suspended front fork, detail and prices in email.
Best regards Patrik Ištok - Azub Bike (Jeff)26.09.2015
is it possible to ride the Max with a 26" rear wheel and a 24" suspended fork? A hybrid if you will...
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, Having a 26" rear wheel and a 24" front fork and front wheel is not a good idea. Smaller front wheel in combination with steeper head tube angle would lead to more lively steering and lack of stability at high speed. We recommend going for two 24" wheels if the seat on a dual 26" bike is too high for you. 24" front fork for the lowest possible seat position or 26" front fork in case you search for a high end front fork that may not be available in 24" version. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Jaume Drudis)17.09.2015
I bought a azub max with 24" wheels, I want to know the maximum tire width
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Jaume, the maximum tire width on the MAX, SIX and MINI is cca 2.15" depending on the tire tread. Real tire width may differ from the manufacturer claimed width a bit. Best Regards, Milan Ctvrtnik (David H)27.06.2015
Hi there,
do you think a 160cm tall person could ride the 26" version? Would be for light touring.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello David, I would suggest going for a different bike model. Even riders over 180cm may find the seat too high on the MAX 26, especially when the bike has front suspension. AZUB MAX 24, AZUB SIX or even the MINI would be a better choice. The SIX offers more upright riding position and is great for relaxed touring and multi-day travelling. The MAX 24 would work fine for more sporty rides on minor roads an cycling paths where you do not need to get on and off the bike often and you would not mind the higher seat position. The MINI is the best allrounder that will not let you down even in busy traffic or more demanding terrain. Hope it helps. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Craig)22.04.2015
I am thinking about riding a bent across the USA. Which bent do you feel would be best for a trip like this?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Craig, the choice of the bike depends on many things. Will that be a self-supported trip with a loaded bike? Will you mainly stay on goad roads or do you plan also some dirt road and off-road riding? It is important to choose the bike according to rider's height as well. AZUB Six might be a good choice for an expedition with a loaded bike, AZUB Max might work better for travelling light, especially in case you are at least 6' tall. Please, feel free to contact us via email to discuss things in detail. Best Regards, Milan Čtvrtník (Dick van Driel)13.11.2014
i have a question about the USS of the Max.
why is the place changed of the turiingpoint of the USS in the latest MAX frames?
Inmy frame it is placed a little backward and in the newer frames it is placed more forward.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, it was more backward on the older bikes because of the massive platform which holds the seat. There was no other place where we could have the USS axle than behind it. On current bikes it is more frontward as it is more ergonomic and with better riding properties.
All the best,
Honza Galla (robert)12.08.2014
is non-folding trike available in us or Canada
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Shipping the non-folding AZUB aTRIKE outside Europe is a bit tricky as the box is very large, but we can organize that. Why do you want just this one trike? An answer to would help.
All the best,
Honza Galla (Brock)22.06.2014
I have a Max on order. I'm doing some research on accessory mounts. What is the diameter of the boom tube on the Max? Thanks!
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
the main frame tube has 60mm outer diameter. The front boom tube has 54 mm outer diameter. Same for the carrier.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me again.

Have a nice day,
Honza Galla (jason)25.05.2014
Im 6'6" (198cm) tall and I am wondering if this recumbent be big eniugh for me to use properly? Also what is the difference between the IBEX and the MAX, what one should I Purchase?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Jason, thank you for your interest in our bikes. Our bikes are custom made and can be addapted to individual needs of our customers easily. AZUB MAX and IBEX are designed for tall riders who can benefit from the wheel size without having problems with getting on and off the bike in difficult situations. AZUB MAX would be a good choice for you from this point of view. However, AZUB SIX or AZUB MINI might also be worth considering in case you are looking for an expedition bike or an allrounder. No problem with your height. You will find more info concerning the differences between the Minstream and Topline series of our bikes in the "buyer's guide" in the download section of our web page. Best Regards, Milan Ctvrtnik (Vince Scott)30.04.2014
Hello, how much is shipping to the UK for a max framekit?
I'm considering building up using parts I already have to keep the cost down. Which parts does the framekit come with and what do I need to get to complete the bent?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, I think you have already received an answer from my colleague. Shipping to UK is free of charge as same as to other EU countries. The frame kit includes all recumbent specific parts like the seat, chain tubes, front boom, standard seat pad etc. Also front rigid fork and headset and rear suspension. What you need to complete it are wheels, brakes, transmission and veeeeery long chain :-) All the best, Honza Galla (William Svenstrup)23.04.2014
I am 5'8" tall,, which wheel size do you recommend, 24" or 26 " thank you.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
you should be OK with 26" wheels, but it depends on conditions where do you plan to ride and if you will use suspension fork or not. With suspension fork it will be a bit more difficult to get on and off the bike. Also for riding in the city we would recommend a 24" to have the bike lower.

Honza Galla
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