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Send us your best photo with AZUB and win 100 USD/EUR voucher.
As well as last year we offer the off-season 5% discount to all our bikes and trikes from October 1st till end of January 2017. It is a great opportunity to save quite some money just by placing your order couple of weeks/months ahead.
5% off-season discount
We are currently able to deliver your orders within 3 weeks. This information is valid for all the bikes and trikes include the Ti-FLY.
Current delivery time is 3 weeks incl. Ti-FLY
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We would like to offer to all our customers a quicker delivery time than the usual 4 weeks. We are offering you a chance to buy  some bikes which are available immediately. Your local dealer can also order the bike for you.

These bikes are currently in our stock and have been built some time ago. Shipment can be done in about three days after receipt of payment. Additional accessories can be ordered but only minor changes in components or options are possible. If you need some more information please send an e-mail to

An up-to-date list of already assembled trikes

AZUB APUS, neon green+white, OC, DD24, Tektro, Spinner Grind, Racer, carrier, mudguards

AZUB APUS, neon green+white, OC, DD24, Tektro, Spinner Grind, Racer, carrier, mudguards  


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