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Read about all the news we have prepared for 2015 and see our price list. We will offer our trikes with 26" rear wheel, with new hinge and better components.
2015 mainly trike news
We will come to US at the beginning of next month and will bring large selection of our bikes and trikes for testing. Come to Chicago to visit the RCC and test ride our bikes.
Invitation to Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago in October 10-12, 2014
We would like to invite you to visit our presentation during SPEZI where we will have three stands where you can not only see, but also test ride our bikes and trikes.
Invitation to SPEZI
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Wheels: 20/20/20
Frame: ALU:
wheel size 20/20/20 inches

During development of the first AZUB tricycle we spent many hours at the computer; but then the first prototype spent a much longer time in Iceland and other parts of Europe being tested. Thanks to the earned knowledge and with ease, we can introduce a machine that has met all the specified targets. It has compact dimensions, it is fast, manoeuvrable, with small turning radius, sufficiently comfortable with its mesh seat and also its price is very friendly.

aTRIKE trike stands out with its good riding characteristics, a wide variety of settings using the IPS system. Without the seat, which is easily removable, it is also space-saving. Rear wheel, which is very close to the seating, ensures good adhesion in wet weather as well as in worse terrain conditions. The seat is knitted using a rubber rope, which guarantees a comfortable ride without any major shocks even on rough roads. Certain technical solutions cost us a lot of thought and ingenuity and they are hard to find on other trikes. We are just very proud of our aTRIKE trike.

Let´s have a look at pictures on our

Read review of AZUB aTRIKE (ECO trike) at world known

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Front light holder Head rest for trikes   AZUB TopBag   AZUB Boom Bag   Ventisit seat pad  
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MIRRYCLE mirror AZUB Touristic Set MAXI   ORTLIEB Recumbent Bags   ORTLIEB Recumbent Backpack   AZUB T-Tris Standard carrier  
AZUB T-Tris Lower carrier Mudguards for trikes   Cyclocomputer SIGMA BC 1609 wireless   Bottle Fix   AZUB OnSeat bag for trikes  
Computer sensor mount for trikes Handlebar bag bracket for trikes   High seat adapter for trikes   Handlebar bag bracket + Ortlieb Ultimate 6M   AZUB Boom Bag MAXI  
Light set for dynamo light with Busch ind Müller Luxos U incl. USB charger        
STEERING: indirect
REAR FORK: rigid
WELD: TIG method
SEAT: ALU, mesh cover with pasive suspension, unisize or composite sizes M, L, XL or carbon or carbon-kevlar
SEAT ANGLE: (to road) 20-50°
SEAT ADJUSTING RANGE: lenght 180 mm (7,2"), angle 30°
FRAME ADJUSTING RANGE: lenght 200 mm (4")
WHEELS: 20" / 20“ / 20“
WHEEL BASE: 107 cm (48")
TRACK: 76 cm (30")
OVERALL WIDTH: 83 cm (32,7")
TOTAL HEIGHT: min 76 cm (30")
TURNING RADIUS: about 2,8m (112") depending on adjustment and type of the seat
SEAT BOTTOM HEIGHT: 31 cm  (12,2") or 37cm (14,6") with High Seat Adapter
BARS ADJUSTING: different angles
WEIGHT: about 18 kg (40lbs) (according to type and accessories)
MAX. LOAD: 125 kg


orangeorange RAL 2004 light bluelight blue RAL 5012 redred RAL 3000 light greenlight green RAL 6018
stone greystone grey 7030 blackblack RAL 9005 whitewhite RAL 9003 yellowyellow RAL 1021 (Nicola)20.12.2014
Hi, is it possible to use the Xtracycle Cargo Kits on your trike? Thanks, Nicola
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, we have never tried it. I think it will be possible with some adjustments. It might need some special made but simple metal pieces, but it should work. But again, we have never tried it. Maybe ask Terra Cycle directly, what they think about it. Best regards, Honza Galla (Sonja)23.07.2014
Hi, are you planning on building a trike which can be pushed by 2 dogs? I saw one on an American website and am interested in getting it, but don't want to pay import fees. The trike has one harness on each side, just behind the seat. Of course, you would also need an extra rest for the human's feet.
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, we do not plan to build anything like that. But it should not be that big problem to build some attachments on the aTRIKE. If you find somebody who would do that for you, we can gladly provide the trike :-) All the best, Honza Galla (Jim smith)08.06.2014
Thank You milan
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
You are welcome! (Jim Smith)04.06.2014
Another question AZUB, the rolling frame. What would I need other then drive train components? Front and rear mechs,shifters, crankset,cassette,chain. Brake levers? Cables? Thanks Jim
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello, you would need all of the components you have mentioned. You would also need tires and tubes. It is , of course, possible to have the framekit assembled with any aditional specific trike parts, such as Tryker tires, cranksets with 60teeth chainwheels, etc. Best Regards,Milan Ctvrtnik (Jim Smith)02.06.2014
Hi AZUB..always a fan. What is the overall length of the ECO trike?
Answer by AZUB BIKE:
Hello Jim, the overal length of the ATrike is cca 180cm, depending on boom adjustment. Best Regards, Milan Ctvrtnik
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