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SPEZI 2017
Date: 18.04.2017
We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany. From 29.4. to 30.4..
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally 2017
Date: 17.01.2017
Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally is an annual event. A weekend of riding, socializing, eating, learning, and just plain having fun. AZUB team will be there! See more.
Ti-Fly is the Trike of the year 2016
Date: 04.01.2017
AZUB Ti-FLY is the trike of the year and it is also thanks to your votes. We have to thank you very much. It is an amazing satisfaction for us and we are even more proud of it because we feel your support!
Winner Of The Photo Contest
Date: 04.01.2017
We are very happy to see how much our customers are enjoying the joy of life on our bikes and trikes. Your photos are inspiring, full of positive energy and beautiful. It's time to see who won!
We will be closed till January 5th
Date: 20.12.2016
Whole AZUB team wish you a nice holiday. Inside is video for you.
Date: 05.12.2016
Send us your best photo with AZUB and win 100 USD/EUR voucher.
5% off-season discount
Date: 09.10.2016
As well as last year we offer the off-season 5% discount to all our bikes and trikes from October 1st till end of January 2017. It is a great opportunity to save quite some money just by placing your order couple of weeks/months ahead.
Current delivery time is 3 weeks incl. Ti-FLY
Date: 28.09.2016
We are currently able to deliver your orders within 3 weeks. This information is valid for all the bikes and trikes include the Ti-FLY.
Great AZUB Ti-FLY review on BROL
Date: 17.08.2016
We knew the Ti-FLY is a fantastic trike with unique look and amazing riding properties and we have received quite some very positive comments from people who could ride it as first ones, but this review confirms the Ti-FLY is truly the top product.
10% discount on all stock bikes & trikes
Date: 17.08.2016
The riding season is in full power now, but with 6 weeks of delivery time, we have now, it might be a bit too late to order a custom built bike now. If you wish to have a new trike or bike as soon as possible, you can have it within few days
Ti-FLY - new full suspension trike from AZUB with titanium leaf springs
Date: 19.05.2016
We have launched new full suepnsion trike at the SPEZI show. Learn more about it.
New trike model launch at the SPEZI. Come learn to FLY!
Date: 20.04.2016
We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show this year. We have three major news for you this year. One is comming right from heaven!
Price list 2016
Date: 03.03.2016
Year 2016 has already been part of our lifes for a couple of months, and it is the time for AZUB to come with the new price list.
Trike of the year 2015 is AZUB TRIcon 26
Date: 04.01.2016
We have amazing news for you. Also thanks to you, TRIcon 26 folding trike won the Recumbent Trike of 2015, contest organized by respected internet magazine (former
We will be closed
Date: 23.12.2015
We would like to inform you we will be closed from tomorrow till January 4th, 2016 and will hardly be able to answer any e-mails. Thank you for your understanding. We hope you will have a nice holiday, too.
We would like to wish you Christmas to be the way you want and also many happy kilometers and miles ridden on recumbents in 2016
Date: 23.12.2015
As the year 2015 is pretty quickly turning out to be a history, it is time to say thanks to all of you, our AZUB dealers, for your amazing support and simply a nice year. It was a difficult year for us, which made us stronger at the end, and we are pretty self-confident now with a positive drive and atmosphere in the team, and we expect the year 2016 to be just great.
TRIcon trike nominated to Trike of the Year. Help us win!
Date: 19.12.2015
The TRIcon 26 folding trike was nominated to Trike of the Year. We would like to ask you to help us win this contest by voting for us.
Invitation to the meeting - celebrate with us
Date: 21.08.2015
We would like to invite you once again to the recumbent meeting we organize in middle September. Complete schedule is published as well as all information regarding the Pre-meeting tour which starts from Prague on 5th of September. Thanks to that you can enjoy full week of recumbent riding and you can share your passion with other recumbent riders from many different countries.
Invitation to SPEZI + high season communication delay
Date: 22.04.2015
We would like to invite you to our booth at the SPEZI show this weekend. You will have a chance to find us in Hall 2 booth 29 and also in the outside area and test parcour.
2015 mainly trike news
Date: 07.01.2015
Read about all the news we have prepared for 2015 and see our price list. We will offer our trikes with 26" rear wheel, with new hinge and better components.
Invitation to Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago in October 10-12, 2014
Date: 05.09.2014
We will come to US at the beginning of next month and will bring large selection of our bikes and trikes for testing. Come to Chicago to visit the RCC and test ride our bikes.
Invitation to SPEZI
Date: 23.04.2014
We would like to invite you to visit our presentation during SPEZI where we will have three stands where you can not only see, but also test ride our bikes and trikes.
AZUB LEFTIK - running bike
Date: 01.07.2013
AZUB LEFTIK has been designed with special attentiveness, because it’s for our children, children of our fans, children of the friends of our fans. It’s for all, who like AZUB.
AZUB Company is turned into a limited liability company
Date: 01.06.2013
AZUB Company announces that with effect from 1. June 2013 is turned into a limited liability company
AZUB panoramas
Date: 15.02.2013
Let's have a look at how our company looks like from outside and inside too.
WIN a SON hub dynamo
Date: 12.06.2012
You can now win a SON hub dynamo in the competition we organise on our Facebook page. Become our fan and read more there.
Catalogue 2012
Date: 28.05.2012
We made a new catalogue for you before the SPEZI show. You can find it printed on ecological paper in our dealer's shops or you can look into it via If you really want to have one printed and no dealer is close by, let us know and we will send you one.
Invitation to SPEZI 2.
Date: 23.04.2012
A bit more precise invitation to SPEZI 2012.
New dealers in USA, Germany and in Russia
Date: 12.03.2012
We have several new dealers in USA, Germany and in Russia. They are all ready to help you, answer your questions and get your new bike ready for your future great rides.
Invitation to SPEZI 2012
Date: 26.02.2012
28. and 29. April 2012, Germersheim, Germany
Date: 05.10.2011
AZUB riders
Date: 04.10.2011
Find out where you can see AZUB recumbents
All new models on the web
Date: 28.04.2011
We have pblished informations about all three our new models. Two folding trikes and one recumbent tandem.
PF 2011
Date: 20.12.2010
All the best in 2011 wish you AZUB team
Recumbent meeting 2010 - Uherský Brod
Date: 30.07.2010
Every year there is a Czech Recumbent Meeting organised on different place of the Czech Republic. In 2005 the meeting was organised in Uherský Brod where AZUB BIKE is located and 5 years after the meeting is organised there again.
AZUB folding trike concept
Date: 30.04.2010
AZUB folding trike concept
SPEZI 2010
Date: 21.04.2010
We would like to invite you to our presentation at the fair SPEZI in Germersheim, Germany. AZUB will have its stand in Hall 2, number 29.
Bike und Outdoor Dresden
Date: 11.03.2010
We will participate on the show Bike und Outdoor in Dresden together with our dealer Fahrrad Riemer. The show is from 12. - 14.3.2010. Come to visit us in the hall 2 stand no: 227.
AZUB trike projects
Date: 26.11.2009
Let´s read more about our new trike projects. We have also some first pictures available.
Date: 26.11.2009
In November 2009 we change the specification of AZUB ECO. We add a folding stem into standard as same as the Novatec hubs. In 2010 we will also introduce an ECO on 16" wheels for smaller riders or kids.
AZUB News no. 1
Date: 27.08.2009
The first issue of AZUB News is ready. Hope you will like to read it.
Invitation to SPEZI 2009
Date: 02.04.2009
We would like to invite you to visit our stand at SPEZI show this month in Germersheim in Germany. We will introduce the new model AZUB Eco there.
Bike Of The Year 2008
Date: 18.02.2009
As each year, has announced the Bike Of The Year award. you can vote also for AZUB Bufo. If you like our bikes, we will be very glad if you send a mail to with the name of AZUB Bufo. Thanks for your support.
Marija? Kozin winter riding pictures
Date: 30.01.2009
Yesterday we got some very nice winter pictures from Marija Kozin from Slovenia. Marija rode our recumbent AZUB 5 from Beijing to Slovenia and she did 17.000 km on it. You can look forward for quite big picture gallery to come in next comming days.
Video PF from Massimo
Date: 08.01.2009
It is very nice to see such videos which we receive time to time from our customers. Thanks Massimo
welcome on our new web page
Date: 23.12.2008
We would like to welcome you here on our new web page
PF 2009
Date: 23.12.2008
We wish you many beautiful recumbent kilometers in year 2009.


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